God of War 1

(Spoilers) Who I Think the World Serpent Really Is

God of War 2 - (Spoilers) Who I Think the World Serpent Really Is


If you know anything about Norse Myth you probably know the Midgard Serpent, (Or the World Serpent) is the son of Loki. (Spoilers AGAIN! This is in the top ten spoilers in the game.) And as we know Atreus is Loki. So we could assume that the World Serpent is the son of Atreus.

Well, there we go, we know the World Serpent's identity.

Do we though? You may not have heard this story so I will retell it. Mimir says one of the events in Ragnarok is a fight between Thor and the World Serpent. He says that Thor will hit Jormundgandr so hard that the world tree Yggdrasil will shake and the World Serpent will fly back in time.

So that explains how the World Serpent being a child of Loki is already there. But what if the World Serpent isn't a child of Atreus at all? But instead his father? *Dramatic gasp.* You may have heard this theory before, but there are somethings I think only I may have noticed, or at least those who have noticed haven't said.

Let's look at the evidence. First the appearance. The skin/scales of the World Serpent is/are white. No where in Norse Mythology was the World Serpent's skin told to be white so that was the choice of the developers. Next they both rock a sicc- (That wasn't a typo you can tell I'm serious when I put two Cs) -beard. If you look at the World Serpent's eyes you can even see red spots that resemble Kratos's tattoos.

And, the World Serpent says to Mimir that Atreus seems familiar. Many think that since Jormungand is the son of Loki, that maybe the World Serpent sees resemblance to his papa. To that I say NO! I think he's like "Hey, isn't that my son?" As to why the World Serpent isn't like, "Hey, isn't that me?" I dunno, maybe he didn't want to say. Maybe it's been a while since Kratos looked in a mirror. Maybe Jormungand just can't see from so far away.

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Now for what I haven't heard anyone say. The World Serpent says he know the pain of Kratos and Atreus's loss. What does he mean by this? Did his mother die, or did his wife die? Maybe just someone close to him? Who wants to be close to that guy? Maybe everyone since according to Mimir the World Serpent is a sparkling conversationalist. What I think is that Kratos is remembering when his wife, Faye died.

Now two questions need to be answered. How did Kratos become the World Serpent? Well when we see the murals in Jotunheim, the one of the future everyone focuses on depicts Atreus holding, presumably Kratos, with a snake coming out of Atreus's mouth and into Kratos's.

Many think this is Atreus killing Kratos. Well if we look to the post credit scene for wisdom we can see Thor stand in probably a goat skin cloak, since in the mythology Thor has two goats. We know it's Thor due to the red hair, (Checkmate Marvel, red not blonde,) giant hammer, and the lighting going every which way.

I think that when this vision comes true Kratos will get mortally wounded, but they will either escape or temporarily defeat Thor like we did Baldur in the Stranger fight. Maybe the only way for Kratos to survive is turning him into Jormungand. This will explain why Jormundgand wants to kill Thor in Ragnarok. Kratos already has a bone to pick with him.

This all fits together pretty perfectly. Although just like Swiss Cheese it has multiple holes. Why is the World Serpent a giant in the game (Even though he is a giant in the mythology)? Why does the World Serpent speak in the giant language if he is Kratos? Why doesn't the Big Snake get off his tail and help more than he does?

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Oh and also I wonder who blew the horn……. Probably Atreus from the future or maybe Heimdall……


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