God of War

Strategy: Geirdriful NG+ GMGOW

God of War 7 - Strategy: Geirdriful NG+ GMGOW

So I spent the better part of the last 24 hours getting my ass beat by Geirdriful, and couldn’t really find a good source for a strategy against her. After many, many (easy over 150) attempts, I discovered a pattern and was able to beat her w/ zero damage, which is good bc any 2 hits will kill you, and resurrection stones don’t do much good because getting killed throws off the rhythm. This fight is about not making mistakes and controlling the pace. High level summary: TONS of quick attacks when the times is right, keep your block up, stay as far away as you can, and move backwards in a counterclockwise walk to keep her on your left.

Gear: Fully upgraded Ares Set with as many perfect enhancements as you can load up

Talisman: Fully upgraded Talisman of Betrayal+ (I normally use talisman of Protection+ specifically for increased parrying, but after parrying Geirdiful can open you up to get scooped in an aerial assault)

Axe Runics: Hel’s Touch and Ivaldi’s Anvil (go for short attacks with quick cool downs so you can get in and out and be ready for the next opportunity with recharged attacks)

Blade Runics: Blast of Hephaestus and Hyperion Slam (you will only use this once, at the beginning)

Boi: Legendary Runic Vestment and Wrath of the Wolf (Bois runic will be used with the blades in the opening attack), and a health resurrection stone (full rage doesn’t do much in this fight)

The Strategy:

Geirdiful is one of the most random Valkyries with the exception of Sigrun. However, there are patterns. This is a long one so buckle up, the signs of upcoming attacks are subtle and easy to confuse with different signs. One key to success is to always have room to the right to roll out. You will end up doing circles around the arena, much like a dance.

Opening – lock on with R3. When she begins to open up, hit her with the light blade runic to disorient her. Then immediately hit her with wrath of the wolf. Finally when the wolves are inbound hit her with the heavy blades runic. The wolves will trap her in the flames of Hyperion Slam. After this series roll backwards a bunch and put some distance. If you do this right, I’ve seen it knock almost 1.75 bars off her health, which significantly shortens this experience.

The Battle – Distance is here. Imagine the square in the area, and try to stay a full corner to corner distance from her, with roll to roll right. Here are her attacks and how to defend against them:

Ground (all directions will be from your perspective):

Wing spikes (L&R): shield block, she usually goes back and forth left to right, move the opposite way. After a R wing spike attack she will sometimes rush you with a L wing stab, Roll right, then hit her with the Light and Heavy Axe runic in succession. Roll back out and get your distance, reset for the next attack.


Spinning wings: hold a block, once she’s done after one or two spins, roll backwards out and reset the distance.

Aerial: there are 4 aerial attacks. Pay attention to if there is a red circle and what she does with her hands. She has 3 initial aerial attacks, and 1 finishing aerial attack, they virtually always come in pairs, sometimes 3 attacks if she starts with the Blinding Attack(finishing with the swoop and grab).

Red with arms Raised – Blinding Attack (always an opener): she’s about to blind you. Do a quick 180 turn for about a second then turn back around. This will defend against the blind, but you will lose your lock-on. Look at her hands for a red or yellow circle again as she will likely be coming at you with ring attack, block or dodge, then get ready for the swoop and grab.

Yellow Ring (expect after blinding attack or as an aerial opener): she will throw 3 rings at you, hold your ground a block, and get ready for the red circle swoop and grab that is coming next.

Red with Ring (expect after a blinding attack or as an opener): she’s going to throw a heavy ring that cannot be blocked. Roll to the right and get ready for the swoop and grab.

Swoop and grab (her aerial finisher): After this is when you should attack. Roll to the right, let her pass turn and hit her with the Light then Heavy Axe Runics. If your Runics aren’t charged, hit her with no more that three axe swings – timing with her is sensitive, and if you linger too long or get too greedy, she’ll get ya. Roll back out and reset distance.

Notes: if you don’t succeed in preventing the Blind, you can use your Rage or Wrath of the Wolf to “protect” you until you get your sight back. The blind itself will only takes about 25% of your health, so very recoverable. Make sure you run to the right or left the whole time, and once you have sight back, find her and lock on, then reset the distance.

My normal game style is full on aggression and punishment of all enemies, and I cannot stress enjoy how much that will not work here. The absolute key to this battle is patience and distance. You may think you have time for another attack while she’s stumbling after your set, but you need that time to gtfo and reset the fight tempo. Let her come to you, then knock her around a bit and get outta there. The attacks won’t take much of her health, but you can get into a rhythm, which is why of all the Valkyries, this feels most like a dance to me.

Thanks for reading, and I hope this helps!

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