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God of War 1 - *Super unpopular opinion

God of war (2018) was one of the worst god of war games of all time. There, I said it. I came into this game with incredibly high expectations, after all, everyone was treating it like the second coming of christ. This game was a disappointment. Kratos can no longer jump, so bye bye to the platforming I loved. Kratos no longer gains extra exp for performing combos. On medium, easy and hard, Kratos feels like a truck slamming into a group ducks with the amount of hitstun he has, making it a boring mash fest, on GMGOW, Kratos has basically no hitstun, and grunt enemies make dark souls boss damage seem like some kind of tea party. I remember a time where beating a single combat room took me longer than fighting the god damn Orphan of Kos. Kratos either feels so incredibly powerful as to make the game feel like a joke, or so incredibly underpowered that I question the legitimacy of Brok and Sindri's claims to being master blacksmiths. Then theres the talisman of unbound potential and the whole runic attack spam meta with the lightning arrows, which basically breaks the entire game. It starts of as either, hack at enemy that is stunlocked forever while they deal no damage, or the enemy feels like they take more damage than Yhorm. Then it devolves into the player spamming a lightning runic summon (the wolves in my case), lighning arrows whenever possible, thamurs breath, meteoric slam, cyclone of chaos and hels touch to get a blessing of cooldown/runic proc, followed by using the talisman of unbound potential to repeat the cycle. Basically nothing survives, anything that does gets cleared out by a R2, R2, R1, R2 with the Blades of chaos, and the same strategy works on everything except bosses, which require a slightly altered version of the same strategy. The game has a good story, but the gameplay is just boring and unbalanced, basically turning into a "How fast can you break the balancing" challenge. Compared to something like God of war 3 or God of war: Ascension, the combat is incredibly slow paced. In god of war 3, you had 3 alternate weapons, each equally usefull as the blades of exile, the nemean ceastus was good for dishing out massive damage to big target, or creating space, the claws of hades were incredible utility tools, creating hit stunning projectiles while also having an incrrdibly diverse array of magic to combo with, and the Nemess whip, which was used to make absurd air juggles and high orb bonuses off of combos. With the head of helios, boots of hermes, and bow of apollo, Kratos had an incredible array of juggle options available. In God of war: Ascension, Kratos has only his blades of chaos, but he was probably the strongest he ever was, as by using the new more strategic parry, the player had to decide to commit to a block or parry, for devastating reward, then tether grab to latch onto an oppoent, swinging your blades till an enemy attempted to attack, then using triangle to slam them to launch them while also giving I-frames and an aoe stun, then using a buffered launcher off of the animation to jump up, juggling the opponent, reseting them with a tether grab and repeating juggle till they were nearly dead, then using souls, fire, or lighning to give either rage, health or magic as needed, followed by aerial use of the amulet of uruborus to break all grounded enemies grouping, using the rage attack of souls or lightning to get either nerfed versions of army of hades or eye of atlantis, the using oath stone of orkos while attacking, then using either the ice magic or the lighning magic to group up enemies/freeze enemies to repeat the cycle. God of war titles of the past had so much going on at any time, with no set string of inputs to guarantee victory in all fights, while God of war (2018) lacks what made the old games so replayable, deep gameplay.


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