God of War

The Art of God of War from Artstation

God of War 7 - The Art of God of War from Artstation

I was searching Artstation one day when I found some God of War art that was nowhere in the God of War Artbook, so I decided to find the profiles of all the artists who have worked with Sony Santa Monica on this awesome game and have uploaded their designs on the website. Some of them are in the artbook while others are not.

Arranged in alphabetical order-

Aaron Contreras

aaron3dart - The Art of God of War from Artstationhttps://www.artstation.com/aaron3dart

Some props and environments of the game

Abe Taraky

Senior Concept Artist


Insane amount of stuff- Thor’s statue, Tyr’s statue, Niflheim, Muspelheim, Alfheim and other

Annis Naeem

Concept Artist


Helheim and Freya’s House

Arda Koyuncu


Thamur, Magni, some armours of Kratos and other stuff.

Brett Lo

brettlo - The Art of God of War from Artstationhttps://www.artstation.com/brettlo

Some regions near the Lake of Nine in Midgard

Cliff Schonewill

Senior Environment Artist


Some rooms in Tyr’s temple, Kratos’ home, Brok’s shop and the Grecian urn.

Dan McKim


the initial levels of the game.

Dave Hansan


The environments near the fallen Stone Mason.

Dela Longfish

Lead Character Concept Artist


Concept art of Atrues, elves, wulvers, Hel broods and some cute toys

Isabelle Lemay

Senior Staff Environment Artist


Architecture of places near the Stone Mason

Jin Kim

Concept Artist


The coolest realm, Helheim

Joe M Kennedy

Senior Artist


Props and storyboards of the game

Jose Daniel Cabrera Peña

Concept Artist


Some of the earliest concepts of the game.

Jung Park


The drawings of Jotunheim forest which appears in the beginning of the artbook, along with some beautiful depictions of Midgard and Helheim.

Kevin Quinn


Tyr’s travel room and various awesome renders

Kyle Bromley

Senior Environment Artist

kbrom3d - The Art of God of War from Artstationhttps://www.artstation.com/kbrom3d


Some cool environments for Midgard like the regions in the forest and the mountain.

Luke Berliner

Lead Environment Concept Artist


Alfheim forest and temple, Tyr’s temple exterior and others

Mark Castanon


Faye’s funeral pyre, mountain mines and peak, Jotunheim, Lake of Nine and others

Melissa Smith

Senior Environment Artist

melissasmith - The Art of God of War from Artstationhttps://www.artstation.com/melissasmith

Tons of art, assets and props for the mountain interiors.

Nate Stephens

Principal Artist


Jotunheim, Helheim, forest, foothills of Midgard

Raf Grassetti

Artist Director


Character models of Kratos, Atreus, elves, draugrs and others

Raul Aparicio

Senior Environment Artist


The Peak’s Pass region of the mountain in Midgard.

Ryan Baker


Those insane looking maps of the realms

Sarah Wang


Assets like chest, the tree sap crystals, an amazing chandelier and environments including the dope looking realm between realms

Stephen Oakley

possum - The Art of God of War from Artstationhttps://www.artstation.com/possum

Crazy stuff like the dragons, serpent and trolls along with the tatzelwurms and nightmares.

Timo Pihlajamaki

Senior Staff Artist


Art of the new game as well as the old ones

Tom May


Tunnels of Peak’s Pass and some rooms and traps for Tyr’s temple.

Yefim Kligerman

Senior Concept Artist

yefim kligerman - The Art of God of War from Artstation

Loads of characters from trolls, Athena to the dead of Helheim along with some of the cool weaponry of the game.

Fan Art:

Enrique Martinez


This guy is not related to the studio I guess, but his designs of the Leviathan Axe, Mjolnir and Blades of Chaos are the most accurate to the game.

These are all the artists related to God of War that I found on Artstation. There are other artists who have worked on this game, but sadly I couldn’t find their profiles. Their names are mentioned though, in other artists’ works or in the physical game artbook. There may be other artists' profiles. If anyone finds them, please leave the link to their profiles in the comments and I will add them in the post.

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