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The combat and traversal in God of War is kinda average..and kinda tedious and gets less fun overtime and has artificial difficulty..

God of War 6 - The combat and traversal in God of War is kinda average..and kinda tedious and gets less fun overtime and has artificial difficulty..

Okay..now before you start yelling "git gud" "learn to play better" "you dont appreciate its brilliance" and so on and on just hear me out

I have plat the game on give me a challenge, and beaten sigrun on gmgow. And i am aware that at the time of development studio was under pressure and on a tight schedule.

I…i think that gives me the right to try and explain my point of view on the subject without immediately being assumed to be a noob right?

Well ill start with the positives. I fucking love this series ive played all the 3 original ps2 and 3 titles. (Ascension and ghost of sparta i just ignored because i was told they arent worth it)

Now the story in gow4 is great. A mature and subdued kratos is great. And atreus is probably my second favourite partner npc after elizabeth from bioshock (hello fellow bioshock fans..ps if anyones finished it on 1949 mode. Dm me i need tips)

Back to the subject the combat in god of war(more specifically gmgow) has good animations and is satisfying but its kinda lacking?

Lets start with the fodder enemies..all of them are kinda easy and have a pattern but are difficult at times.. Now they arent really hard to kill just annoying and tedious.. the difficulty is kinda artificial. For eg its just a little annoying to need a billion hits to kill a fucking draugr with level 9 gear. And then if he explodes you get fucked.

And then you have tatzelwurms…they arent even strong..or difficult just time consuming. Especially if they keep going underground and attack from a distance.

Most of the bosses are fucking trolls, we fought like 3 gods in total… i understand why, i mean we gotta save the good shit for ragnarok..but couldnt you add like any more variety to gatekeepers… its just those trolls with pillars and it just boils down to slash slash runic slash slash hit r3… Same with the ogres… and its unfortunate because they couldve done some stuff like maybe fighting a giant or something idk im not a game designer (yet)


For eg the dragon was fucking awesome. U gotta time those crystals at his lightning and it kept u on your toes..kinda, i mean its easy once u do it the first time but still more fun than trolls, modi and magni.

Modi and magni are a joke. It didnt even take me any effort on my first run .. they are extremely predictable and weak and cant even be called bosses…

Fucking wolves and reavers have given me more trouble than modi and magni.

The combat mechanic isnt the problem i feel. Its how its executed…

For eg same mechanics on the first fight against baldur is amazing. Its pretty highspeed and blends action into cutscene well.

On the other hand the final baldur fight was underwhelming. Creative, narratively strong and beautiful. But in terms of gameplay, not a strong boss. Its the colour coded weapon damage shit thats just meh.

Tl:dr for the above. The difficulty is very artificial and not really challenging, just tedious. Once u crack the enemy patterns they tend to be meh. And the combat overall isnt perfected which im sure it will be…

the traversal.. now my biggest gripe with this game is the backtracking. U go from the house to freya, to the mountain to the temple to alfheim to the mountain

Its just a whole lot of back and forth and the travel is slow. The climbing mechanics are the worst. They look good. But theyre slow goddamn slow, and that also goes for crouching, shimmying along a ledge.

If you read this far, i so apologize its not a rant..its just criticisms that i felt they needed to improve.

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