God of War

The cut scene where Kratos is reunited with the Chaos Blades

God of War 5 - The cut scene where Kratos is reunited with the Chaos Blades

Having spent much of my childhood playing GOW on PS2 the blades of chaos are to me an old friend. We spent hours upon hours slaying Cyclopes, Minotaurs and Gorgons in the early days of God of War.

So when the initial game play trailer came out and we were first exposed to how Kratos now had an axe as his primary weapon i wont lie my heart sank a bit. Don't get me wrong the game play showed how ruthless you could be with the axe and that in itself redeemed the weapon and i was excited for it. I love Santa Monica Studios for not showing us the Blades in any promos either.

But the blades they were Kratos's Excalibur. I knew that at some point in the game we would surely be introduced to the weapon. As i progressed through the game i was excited about how we would be introduced back with them.


The entire game to me was an emotional roller coaster ride, but the cut scene where he gets his blades back where he unsheathes them from the blanket in which its wrapped was pure perfection. The sheer heavy emotional significance of how his wrapped arms damaged from years of the chains having burned into his skin (Which is how Ares bestows them upon him) and the fact that the ghost of Athena was saying "You will always be a monster" to which Kratos replies with THE MOST BADASS line in all gaming history "I know, but i am no longer your Monster". At this point my hair was standing on ends and my nipples would have cut through glass.

As the blades lighted up and you hear Mimir says "Lets see what these blades can do" i was at that moment a kid again sitting in my living room playing God of War on my PS2 destroying enemies. This cut scene was a love letter in my opinion from Santa Monica Studios to the fans that grew up with Kratos and the Chaos Blades.

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Thank you Santa Monica Studios for a game which has been a Nostalgic trip and a beautiful journey, it was cathartic to both me and Kratos. You deserve game of the year!

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