God of War

The descendants of Kratos will bring destruction to the world (theory)

God of War 3 - The descendants of Kratos will bring destruction to the world (theory)

As we all know, Kratos kills almost all the Gods in Greek mythology and Olympus is destroyed blah blah blah.

But What if this continues?

In GOW 4, It's mentioned that Atreus' true identity is Loki, the bringer of Ragnarok (the fate of the Gods), This signals that, like Kratos, BOY will cause the destruction of a pantheon.

My theory is that the descendants of Kratos will bring doom to the main pantheons of each cardinal direction.

Kratos to Greek (southeast),

Loki to Norse (northwest),

____ to ______ (______),


Maybe this has something to do with the blades of chaos?

Maybe the one who is given the blades of chaos, family is cursed? Every descendant of the original owner will bring chaos to where they are.

Kratos can't get rid of the blades, which may signify that chaos will always run in the family.

TL;DR: Kratos descendants will be Gods of chaos causing doom to where they journey, BOY will cause Ragnarok for example,this might be because of the blades of chaos and how he can't get rid of them, implying that chaos will always run in the family.

What y'all think?


Edit: My theory about the pantheons being destroyed in each cardinal direction, is debunked.

Rather each planet will be destroyed, This is because each planet has only 1 pantheon.


This does not mean that the entire theory is debunked but just that the geography is false. (Cardinal direction instead of different planets)

The essential part of this theory still holds up.

When I say world, I am referring to the GOW universe.

I used to believe that there was one planet with different pantheons but this is false.

In a GDC conference, Corey Barlog mentions in his intro speech that "The world is the universe" and how different mythologies are stretched out across the universe, seperated by geography and what they believe is the world.

When he says "what they believe is the world" means this for example,

Take earth, take each country and group them by their mythologies. Now you have chunks of earth, A chunk of greece for greek mythology for example.

When he says "The world is the universe", it means this for example.

"There are so many different mythologies and beliefs across the world." Now take the word "world" and replace it with "universe"

This is confirmed in the paintings you can see after you beat the traveler champion and is also confirmed in the cut scene with Freya where she mentions you being a God and being "not from this realm"

Note: Kaptain Kuba found the paintings.

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