God of War

The god above the god of war theory

God of War 7 - The god above the god of war theory

Warning there is a spoiler for the ending of god of war 3 and a little for god of war 4 but most would most likely know read with caution thx. Also it’s 10:51 p.m where I am and if this sound like your theory I’m so sorry I 100% thought of this on my own.


Part 1 the Norse world, Ok this seems kinda stupid but here I go, so I had the idea of how kratos got to the Norse world and I say world as in a different planet, and again kinda stupid but wait, at the end of GOW3 the extra scene where you see a blood trail going of the edge but maybe into a portal from tyr dragging kratos out of Greek world into the Norse world, explaining how kratos got there and so tyr healed him and set him off, but it explains all of the stuff from different mythology’s in tyrs trophy room, or just makes sense to me but, why I called this the god of the god of war theory is that, kratos isnt the son of Zeus maybe the son of a higher god, Part 2 the real god, so my theory is that there is a true god that made many worlds of different mythology’s not because they were lonely or wanted to be a king but maybe to see death, this god could love death being the true god of war, and had a son to set out and cause war being kratos, and this god could create the world again maybe it’s not the first time destroying or causing war in the Greek mythology world, but this is just my theory and maybe not true but I just wanted to share this idea, I hope you read the whole thing thx. (And sorry this is really long)

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