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The new God of War developer project is still a long way from being announced.

God of War 6 - The new God of War developer project is still a long way from being announced.

Through a job expression announced by Santa Monica Studio, he concluded that the new project the studio is working on is still very far away and in its early stages as well, as the vacancy announcement relates to their need for an experienced and experienced story writer, and this indicates that they are still looking for a story writer for the new project. Therefore, do not expect an announcement date soon, or even a new offer, because it is not ready yet

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We are seeking a Lead Writer for the development of a new unannounced title! If you love collaborating with talented developers to create genre defining games, join us as we embark on a new journey. The ideal candidate has a mastery of storytelling, and deeply understands the marriage between gameplay and narrative. This individual will be responsible for crafting powerful storylines, strong character arcs, and compelling dialogue, while maintaining an equal focus on building and developing the writing team.


  • Partner with the project directors to oversee and contribute to the creation of the story and writing of the game’s narrative elements to ensure it meets their intended vision. This includes writing and reviewing pitches, scripts, character bios, and world lore.
  • Lead, build and guide a team of writers through the project lifecycle.
  • Partner with narrative design leadership to ensure the plot and key narrative beats are executed properly based on the overall game direction.
  • Collaborate with the project directors and narrative team on managing/recording VO sessions and casting VO/performance actors.
  • Work with the project directors, leads and producers to support interdisciplinary collaboration across art, animation, design, audio, programming, and user research to reach project goals.
  • Coordinate with the gameplay and other narrative leads to ensure a balanced cohesion of story and gameplay.
  • Maintain a studio environment and team culture that supports a quality focused experience.
  • Contribute to studio and team building efforts including team training/development, recruiting, community outreach, and industry networking.
  • Assist in ancillary project needs, such as writing for further franchise development, marketing, and other promotional pieces.


  • Minimum of 10+ years of experience in a professional writing role including multiple published works or shipped games.
  • Shipped at least 1 AAA game title in a Lead or Senior writing role.
  • Experience working through all phases of writing within AAA game development.
  • Knowledge of contemporary gameplay and narrative design, with an understanding of different narrative systems/delivery mechanisms.
  • Skills and experience to quickly turn around feedback.
  • Strong collaboration, communication, and organizational skills.
  • Ability to work in a dynamic, fast paced team environment.

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