God of War

The Origins of the Prophecy (edit)

God of War 3 - The Origins of the Prophecy (edit)

“Born out of wedlock, Kratos was the bastard child of a shunned woman. There were rumours as to who the father was, rumours that grew more and more preposterous, until the woman finally left her small village. She swore a new life in Sparta, Kratos would never know the truth, never know who his father was.” KRATOS WAS NOT BORN IN SPARTA. However I have a theory.

Cory Barlog stated how the Gods hold Dominion over their Geographical Locations (I.e: Greeks=Greece, Norse=Scandinavia/Midgard, etc.) I imagine it’s similar with City States (Ares=Sparta, Athena=Athens) kinda like Norse Realms, everybody has their own spot of some sort or another. Let’s say Kratos was born in a village surrounding Athens under Athena’s Watch, seeing as Zeus was likely fond of the area (women and animals alike) Kratos’ Mother, Callisto was bullied to run away, as far as she could take her toddler son, a place that will gladly take in Hellots in exchange for their child’s service to their Army, Sparta.

Kratos’ birth likely spawned Alethias Visions of the Fall of Olympus by the God of War and his Marked Warrior but what if Athena was the reason she had vision about it. Shortly after moving to Sparta, Callisto met a Soldier and had another child, Deimos. Born with a birthmark sprawling from his face, across his back and up to his shoulder, otherwise healthy, Under the Watch of Ares. Needing a suitable excuse to permanently imprison the Oracle of Delphi and harvest her eyes from “lying ever again” Ares fed Zeus increments of the truth, A Marked Warrior will bring down the Very Walls of Olympus and then raided his own Domain to capture the Child (Possibly another failed attempt to create a Warrior like Orkos, only to leave him to the torment of Thanatos) Athena tagged along to ensure Kratos’ safety, even apologizing to him, knowing it was wrong.

Athena, the Goddess of Wisdom, War and Truth. She wasn’t merely aiding Ares to Protect Olympus, she sought to rule it. She saved Kratos from Ares’ Wrath because she foresaw his destiny. A Marked Warrior alongside the God of War will topple Olympus. After his brother was taken from him, Kratos was his weakest, with the scar across his eye he dawned a new tattoo in memory of his little brother, he vowed to never falter again, easily surpassing and outranking generals (Demigod Advantage) Easily becoming Ares’ Spartan Champion.

Gods are known for manipulating the events of mortal lives to benefit them In some way hence Kratos’ next godly interference happened shortly after the birth of his Daughter, Calliope. Being born a sickly child she was to face death, unbeknownst to Kratos, the Gods placed a Wager and Chose their mightiest champions to Venture forth in a sort of Battle Royale for the Food of the Gods, Ambrosia, capable of healing any and all ailments, Kratos succeeded and saved his daughter, another of the Champions being the Barbarian Prince Alrik who in failing to obtain the Ambrosia lost his father and became King in the years to come.

Ares continued to use his champion half brother to spread the glory of Sparta in the name of the God of War until Alrik the Barbarian King outmatched Kratos’ impressive army a thousand to one, vowing his eternal soul to Ares just to keep his battle win streak going, finally The Furies devised 3 blood tasks (Spill the Blood of the Enemy, The Innocent and Your Very Own” to make his Oath official “Destroy my Enemies and my Life is Yours.” Then General Kratos goes on to unknowingly fulfill his blood tasks. By this point Kratos is being watched over by Ares, The Furies, Athena, The Sisters of Fate, Orkos and Gaia. By moving his wife and child to an Athenian Temple and getting Kratos to “burn this village, burn it to the ground” for simply standing as an “affront to Lord Ares” by offering prayers to Athena, Ares was finally able to seal the deal, Kratos was bound by a Godly Oath to loyalty to the god that tricked and betrayed him lest he be imprisoned and eternally tortured within the Hecatonchires.


After Killing the Furies and breaking his unbreakable oath, Kratos’ illusions fall and his nightmares and memories flooded back, swearing revenge on Ares by serving literally any other god. Then Steps in Athena, finally she had the perfectly sculpted Warrior under her thumb, giving him Labour’s like Zeus gave to Hercules, Slay the Basilisk and stop the invading Persian Army, Save Helios from Morpheus (really being Persephone and Atlas) and Slay the Hydra, a decade of service under Athenas simple promise to him “Do this for the Gods and the events of your life that haunt you shall be forgiven.” Ares not being very happy about Athena using his own Champion against him lays siege to Athens.

In yet another final task Kratos is sent to Kill the God of War. Athena, being there for the creation of Pandora’s Box, knew that if he was capable of drawing from the evils inside he stood a chance thus guided him across the Desert of Lost Souls to Pandora’s Temple built atop the Titan Cronos (in Hephaestus’ farce to protect his daughter from Dying to the Flame of Olympus) to retrieve the box, dying, being resurrected by Zeus (this was before Zeus was infected with the Evils of the Box) Assuming Kratos drew his power from those evils to defeat Ares (considering he immediately tried to kill himself) She offered Kratos Ares’ Throne as the God of War and continued to act as his protector and advisor.

Each of the Gods were infected with their own evil, Zeus=Fear, Helios=Deceit, Poseidon=Wrath, Athena=Greed (all evident as you storm Olympus) Unbeknownst to Athena who had assumed Zeus’ fear of Kratos was rational because he was a legitimate threat, she still needed him but her grip on him was slipping especially after he Destroyed Atlantis after learning his father was Zeus and losing his little brother again to another God. In a final attempt to control him she tried to wipe his mind after being “Freed of his Mortal Bonds” his refusal was when she knew she couldn’t manage him anymore. After tattling to Zeus during Kratos’ raid of Rhodes, Tricking him to give up his Godly Power for victory against the Colossus of Rhodes, stealing his power and killing him with it and continuing to destroy Sparta.

This is where Gaia takes hold of him and revives him from the hands of death and send him to rewrite his destiny through the Sisters of Fate, in doing so Kratos returns to his death and faces Zeus where ultimately Athena Sacrifices herself in a last ditch effort to save Olympus after her big plan went sideways, ascending to a “Higher Plain of Existence” where “I see truths where I did not before” officially lifting the veil that blinded her for so long, she now understood the Prophecy and guided Kratos back from the Dead after being betrayed by the Titans to reopen Pandora’s Box, unleash the power of Hope to Kill Zeus and with her newfound Omniscience she could create anew much like how Zeus states “I will have much to do after I kill you” believing she could hoard this power to raise a new world in the wake of Kratos’ destruction.

Seeing as it was her power of Hope Kratos drew from all along, she wished for it back so she can finally at long last after an entire Mortal Lifetime, start work on her Godly Vision. Unfortunately Kratos unleashed this power to what was left of Mortal and Eternal Souls alike. Disgraced, her final act was to curse him to forever live with what he had done (hence his survival) and continued to haunt him for the next almost 300 years. While Gaia watched Kratos and Stood by, Athena intervened with his fate several times from the moment he was born to Usurp the Throne from Zeus secretly knowing full well Kratos was the Marked Warrior from the start. We know how Odin is manipulating events to persuade the outcome of Ragnarok so he is Either Victorious or Not Dead, whose to say Athena wasn’t doing this the entire Greek Saga?

TL;DR: Athena Manipulated and Guided the events in Kratos’ life so she could Conquer Olympus and Crown herself Queen of the Gods and build a new Empire but failed anyway.

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