God of War

The possibility of two Kratos

God of War 8 - The possibility of two Kratos

I’m sure it’s probably been talked about on this sub before but the events at the end of god of war 2 could have in theory caused Kratos to have a doppelgänger. This may get a bit confusing but bear with me, I’m gonna try to explain this as best as I can.

At the end of god of war 2 when Kratos travels back to the moment Zeus killed him we see the dying kratos and time traveler Kratos existing side by side. Some may argue that kratos has simply created an infinite time loop, where dying Kratos will redo the events of god of war 2 and eventually become present Kratos, taking away the possibility of two Kratos’ existing in the same universe.This is not possible and I will explain why.

Since kratos also goes back to the time of the Great War and brings the titans back to his time, that means that Gaia will not be in the underworld to help the original kratos who was killed by Zeus so the timeline has already been compromised. We also can tell that this is a different timeline because when kratos comes through the portal to fight Zeus, Zeus’ original dialogue is cut off by time traveler Kratos who rams him while he’s speaking. Not to mention this means Zeus would never get the opportunity to destroy Sparta and Athena would already be dead and unable to communicate with kratos throughout the game.


It’s also unlikely that this will just exist as a separate timeline that is of no consequence to the original because we have more in game evidence to suggest otherwise. The YouTuber Kaptain Kuba has a video called “Kratos’ army is alive” where he brings up some good points about how time travel seems to work in god of war. He points out that while Kratos is fighting the sisters of fate, one of them brings him back to the day he killed Aries, threatening to destroy the very sword that he used to kill him so that Kratos will die on that day instead of Aries and thus cease to exist in the present.

This means that Kratos May have a doppelgänger who either died in Hades or somehow escaped and is still out there somewhere! He could potentially play a role in a future game. imagine how interesting it’d be if our Kratos encountered the other Kratos and he is still impulsive and full of rage, since he never had the same experiences as his counterpart.

Now I realize that there are a lot of plot holes here such as the fact that dying Kratos never being saved by Gaia should mean that present kratos would cease to exist or that Kratos bringing the titans to his time should have changed a lot of other things so I’m willing to admit there being two kratos’ could just be another plot hole that SM didn’t think about, but let me know what y’all think about this.

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