God of War

The Wolf, the Bear and the Man.

God of War 8 - The Wolf, the Bear and the Man.

Finbulwinter raged on. The mountains and rivers of Midgard were now whiter and colder than ever before. It was as if Ymir himself had re-surfaced from the legends and breathed a wave of ice that was now covering the land. In the forest, a lonely figure stood above a dead bear. Bjorn, the biggest bear in midgard…now dead at his feet. Who had killed the bear? Who, or what, had been strong enough to do accomplish such deed?

Noticing a trail of blood leading to a nearby cliff, the hooded figuere followed it. At the edge of it, stood a quivering wolf. It was the biggest wolf the man had ever seen. Well, the biggest he had ever seen in Midgard. His white greyish fur was stained with blood. The two beast had clearly fought each other to the death. Feeling threatned by the hooded man, the wolf barked remarkably low for such massive beast. He was probably at the doors of death.

Aproaching the dying wolf, the man spoke: “You have fought every day and night of your life…am i mistaken?”

The wolf didnt respond, instead barking out a strange sound that could almost be interpreted as a laugh.

“You have defeated your Bear foe…the greatest enemy you have ever had.”

Once again the wolf appeared to bark out a smaller laugh.

“And yet…here you are, at the cliffs of madness. You wish to escape it?”


The wolf threw a melancolic gaze at the man.

“Very well”

Out of his robes, the man revealed an Hammer. The most beautifull, and powerfull hammer of all.

At the sight of it, the wolf seemed surprised. The man advanced further, until he was staring up the giant wolf.

“You wish to die by this one?” He gestured towards the hammer.

The wolf stared deeply into the blue eyes of the man. Conveing his last wish with only a stare.

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“That…i cant agree on. I am sorry” As fast as thunder, the hooded figure let go of his mighty hammer, and with that same hand, threw the most devastating blow the wolf had ever felt. A brief moment of great pain, followed by the eternal release from madness.

Returning to the place where the bear lay dead, the man buried both beasts. The place they had fought each other to the death, was now to be their resting place. Gazing to the gave in front of him, the man said silently.

“This mighty hammer shall not taste the soul and blood of any being… Its appetite has been solely reserved for another.”

Leaving the now snow covered grave behind, the man continued his journey.

The “God of war” was about to meet his match.

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