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[Theory] A weapon in GOW 4 isn’t fully upgraded

God of War 5 - [Theory] A weapon in GOW 4 isn't fully upgraded

NOTE: I personally haven't see anything like this, but if this is a repeated idea, please let me know and I'll mark down this post.

I've seen a lot of theories thrown around about how the Blades of Chaos wound up under Kratos' floorboards, but I haven't seen any about their power consistency. I like to follow the school of though that Aries took them from Kratos in the first game and put them back in the underworld. Athena, being the goddess of war, simply thought to fashion her own version with her own powers instilled in them as the Blades of Athena, which she was then able to morph into the blades of exile (likely to instill a little more of the chaos flavor into them to defeat the escalated threats of GOW 3); and Kratos, leaving behind the Blades of Athena, acquired the Blades of Chaos again as he searched for a way of the Greek realm after the end of the GOW 3.

Nonetheless, my point in this post is to say this: The GOW 4 blades aren't yet "upgraded" to their full power. I know it's subjective to look at the current blades model and the Ascension (most recently developed) model and compare design (I think the current GOW 4 blades resemble the level 3 blades in games past); but then I also consider the magic behind it. Brok proclaims the blades 'reek of foreign magic.' This is because the Norse magic is rune based, and the Greek magic is blood orb based. Consider in games past, you power up all the gear by pouring countless red orbs into them. The life essence of the orbs magically alters and powers up the blades, growing them almost organically. In the Norse realms, items have runes applied to imbue their magic.


When Aries ripped the Blades of Chaos off of Kratos, some of the orb magic was also ripped away, returning the blades to ~level 3 power, and in their dormancy, the blades somewhat corroded. When Brok gets his hands on them to make improvements, he uses the only magic he knows, and adds runes. While this significantly increases their power at this level (and suffice to say maybe the blades are now more efficient and effectively honed than they've ever been), this doesn't actually increase their true power level. We are just getting more out of this power level. This isn't to say the runes are worse magic, but more to say it's not the nature of the blades. Their nature is to be fed the orb magic they burn with. This is why the blades quality is increased, but they never 'grow' as they did in games past outside of a few sharpened edges. This stark difference in magic source is most blatantly alluded to in the blades' ability to burn in Helheim, where no other Norse artifact could. I am theorizing that because the blades haven't been given any more orbs, they wont truly 'level up' completely until they are given some (maybe Brok and Sindri figure out how to craft with orb magic in the next game). I would be excited to see full level-5 beefed out blades with runes applied up against the likes of Thor/Mjolnir and Odin/Gungnir.

TL;DR: The Blades of Chaos naturally gain power through blood orbs, and due to their current absence in the Norse Realms, the blades have yet had an opportunity to truly be maxed out in power.

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