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Theory about Faye, Fenrir, and how Kratos got to Midgard

God of War 6 - Theory about Faye, Fenrir, and how Kratos got to Midgard

Here’s a video about this theory that goes into a little more depth:
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So I was doing some reading about when Kratos might have come to Midgard, and I think I stumbled onto some really important information about Faye’s involvement with his arrival to Scandinavia. We know that Kratos got to Midgard over 100-150 years ago because of something Freya says when they open the travel room for the first time:

“This temple has been asleep, underwater, for almost 150 winters”

If we assume she isn’t lying, that means that Kratos could not have been done in Greece in the last century because of the Vase found in Tyr’s vault depicting him with his blades of Chaos. We also know from
an interview that Kotaku did with Cory Barlog that the space separating Midgard and Olympus is literally the distance between Greece and Scandinavia. In his words,

“I’ve always looked at this universe like our world. The geography separates the cultural mythologies. The cultural mythologies are stories of the zero-point to present day. These are the birth and the origin of these cultures. So the Norse mythology exists in Scandinavia, and simultaneously, across the world, the Mayan mythology has its origins, right? These are cultural stories about how they explain the birth of their cultures. And I think, as I look at the whole world, that each of these gods had their own domains, right? The way that countries had their own domains…"

This means that Kratos could walk from Athens to Midgard if he were highly motivated. But that walk would take over a thousand hours (google maps) and given that Kratos didn’t know about Scandinavia it’s kind of ridiculous to think he wandered far enough to just stumble upon Scandinavia and Midgard. That’s where the wolves come in. The most recent God of War novelization (which is adorably written by Cory’s dad) says the following about how Kratos got to Midgard:

“His blades out to defend himself from a trio of yowling wolves twice his height: one black with verdant eyes, one white, and the third gray. The black beast seemed to be the alpha, assuming the most forward position. A beardless God of War, clad in the clothes of his life in Greece, slashed his Blades of Chaos to keep the predators at bay. But his actions failed to discourage their assault…The movement revealed a woman behind the beasts, clad in a long cloak and cowl obscuring much of her face. Her raised arm sent all three creatures airborne to attack.”

The wolves eventually drag Kratos to Midgard where we fast forward to the events of the game. Initially, I thought that these wolves couldn’t be the wolves: Sköl, Hati, and Fenrir. Sköl and Hati are the children of Fenrir, Fenrir is the child of Loki, and Loki is a boy who hadn’t been conceived yet. However, then I remembered
8Z6lMZHEi0s?t=70 - Theory about Faye, Fenrir, and how Kratos got to Midgardthis clip of Mimir speaking about Sköl and Hati.


Clearly, this story shows us that Sköl and Hati are not only alive, but they are under the control of Odin. Furthermore, at the start of the story, Mimir refers to their father: The arche-wolf Hróðvitnir. What’s crazy is that Hróðvitnir is actually just another one of Fenrir’s lesser used names; just try googling it and you’ll see Fenrir pops up! So, that unequivocally proves that all three of these wolves are alive by the time Mimir is bound to the tree on top of the mountain, because that’s when his supposed “gaps in knowledge” start to show up. And we know that from our first meeting with Mimir, Odin has had him bound for “109 winters”.

That means that the wolves were alive before Kratos reached Midgard, and could certainly be the wolves that dragged him there. And if those three wolves that carry Kratos are Sköl, Hati, and Fenrir, then the next question is about:

“woman behind the beasts, clad in a long cloak and cowl obscuring much of her face.”

Well, I think that woman could be none other than Faye herself. Let’s backtrack for a moment. Here’s a few things we know about Faye. First is that she definitely was not a fan of the Æsir. Mimir describes her as “A Giantess who thwarted many an Æsir god’s plan,” and the dwarves even refer to her as “Laufaye the just”. Second, is that she gave her axe (one of the few weapons that can counter the power of Mjölnir) to her husband who is known to kill gods. Finally, we know that Faye and Tyr worked together. If you look at
this mural of Tyr it’s clear that the woman by his side is the same woman in the final mural of the game. And why is that important? Well, in Norse mythology, Tyr is the one god other than Loki that interacts with Fenrir before he is bound. In the old Norse text Gylfaginning there are several passages that read something like:

“Týr alone dared go to him to give him meat. But when the gods saw how much he grew every day…”

Tyr is the only god that is willing to touch the Wolf-giant. Eventually, Fenrir grows too large that he scares Odin and the rest of the Æsir so badly that they get Brok and Sindri to make a fetter to bind the arche-wolf. But, if we assume that those three wolves that bring Kratos to Midgard are Sköl, Hati, and Fenrir, then he had yet to be bound 100+ years ago. And we know that in between the time he is born and bound, the only god that interacts with him is Tyr.

However, Faye isn’t a god. Also, we know that she was working with Tyr to prevent the gods from killing the giants around that same time. So, I think that with Tyr’s help, she took Fenrir and his children away from Asgard so they could bring Scandinavia a hero that could save the 9 realms from the wrath of the gods. And what better hero than somebody that just proved he could topple the spiteful gods of Greece?

TLDR: Kratos was taken to Midgard over a century ago by three wolves that are probably Sköl, Hati, and Fenrir. Tyr was the only god who had a relationship with Fenrir, and Faye was working with Tyr at the same time. Faye is the mysterious “woman behind the beasts” that ordered the wolves to bring Kratos to Midgard. Faye and Tyr picked Kratos because they needed a hero to save the nine realms from the Æsir and had just watched him take down the Gods of Olympus.

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