God of War

Theory for future installments (do not read if you haven’t beaten or finished the game)

God of War 4 - Theory for future installments (do not read if you haven’t beaten or finished the game)

So I’ve been sitting on this theory for a while, and have been really thinking about it more lately and I’ve been trying to piece it together to share with other fans of the series and I just wanted to see what everyone thought about it.

So I believe the main villain of this series is not going to be the all father Odin as we’ve been led to believe instead I truly think that it will be revealed as Loki(no I don’t think Atreus is the villain I’ll explain that shortly) to be the true villain and the cause to all the conflict.

So to start I think that right now that the current Norse arc that we are in is split into two timelines one where ragnarok is going at the pace that the mythical lore it’s based from is on the correct time track, and the one the one that we get to experience and where ragnarok has been started early. Now the question is: where do these two timelines split and how do they differ? Well I believe that the timeline split begins when kratos first encounters Baldr outside of kratos and Atreus’s home.

Now as we know in the game and timeline that we play Kratos successfully fends off Baldr and is able to protect Atreus from him. Now this is where things get a little weird and complicated. Remember the second timeline I mentioned earlier where ragnarok is on the correct timespan to take its course? Well in that second timeline I think kratos was not ready and was defeated by Baldr in that first encounter. After the battle Atreus reveals himself believing his father to be victorious, but is instead met by Baldr and taken hostage along as well as Baldr taking the body back to Odin to show him proof of killing the final giant. When Atreus and Baldr reach Asgard Odin realizes the body to be that of the ghost of Sparta himself. Realizing the potential to turn Kratos’s child into his own personal weapon or another assassin like he had done with Baldr. This where we would see the famous blood oath between Odin and Atreus (soon to be Loki) and agree to treat him as an equal among the Aseir. Atreus would except, but secretly have a hatred and spit towards the Aseir plotting his revenge from that point on.

Later in life Atreus would take more to his Vanir magic and take his time to study the giants that had been slain by Thor and Odin. During his studies he would learn to of the Vanir’s prophesied hero known as Loki and would choose to take the name as his own. In his teens Loki would attempt to create monsters to battle the Aseir along with him when the time came to exact his revenge thus giving us the world serpent, fenrir, and hel. Odin catching onto Loki’s creations would make every attempt he could to end these creatures lives once by tossing the serpent off the world tree down to Midgard only to watch it grow immensely and surround the realm completely, second by locking fenrir as far away as he could and bound him chains that not even the godly wolf himself could break, and third by tossing the infant girl hel to the deepest darkest realm he could find from the world tree but much to the allfathers dismay she thrived in the new environment and began to rule over the poor lost souls who had found themselves in the same realm as her only she could never leave the cold sad realm of helheim.


Odin being angered by Loki’s potential betrayal would torture and force Loki to creat him a monster of his own that was only loyal to the all father himself. Loki having no choice would create the six legged steed sleepnir.

Once Loki was freed from his torture he took his time to study ragnarok and learn why Odin had feared his children so much coming to learn that they would be the Aseir’a demise. While learning this he would soon visit Mimir and learn the true knowledge of his father Kratos and how the Greek gods had betrayed him. Loki would soon come to his own conclusion that the only way to make sure no other gods could abuse their power was to erase them completely from existence.

Loki would eventually learn how to manipulate the world tree device to be able to send him back in time to the events of before Kratos’s death. Once he arrived in the timeline that we currently play through he began too manipulate Odin, telling him that he could manipulate the events of ragnarok assuring him that if they worked together then Odin and the Aseir could live in after the events and come out victorious while secretly manipulating past events to happen so that kratos would be be able to slay the Aseir for him. And once we reach the final battle of this Norse arc it will come down to Atreus versus Loki with Atreus having to show that not all gods are evil and that the vicious cyle of power crazed gods will not be the future of his timeline. Essentially it will be Atreus fighting what he possibly could’ve become had kratos not gone through the journey with him.

Well that was my theory let me know what you guys think I know it’s probably not the best one but I thought it made some sense and could be a huge possibility in the series. At the very least i truly do think that Loki and Atreus will be the same person but from two different points in time. I’m always up for some creative criticism because honestly it’s the only way to get better at this sort of stuff and it’s always nice to spark up some conversation. Hope everyone enjoyed the game and still is I know I loved it.

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