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Theory For God of War 5 Ragnarok: Týr is Old Kratos From The Future As Well As The Man in The Jotunheim Mural

God of War 2 - Theory For God of War 5 Ragnarok: Týr is Old Kratos From The Future As Well As The Man in The Jotunheim Mural

So I've been thinking about this for a while about who the man in the mural at the end of god of war 4 is and I also heard alot of people stated that they believe Kratos is Týr but I haven't seen someone talk about that fact that Týr could be Kratos from the future kinda like how the world serpent is from the future, I'll start by explaining the theory and then showing the evidence I have gathered as to why it could be true

So my theory goes as follows: I believe that at the beginning of the next game during the fight with thor, Kratos will be killed and sent to Valhalla where he will be trapped right under Odin's nose and forced to escape however opposite to hell, Kratos will find out that time in Valhalla moves much quicker than time in Midgard, so by the time Kratos escapes Valhalla, Ragnarok will be just around the corner, once Kratos escapes he will start looking for Atreus, he will eventually find him in Asgard possibly captured by Odin when he tried to find and get Kratos out of Valhalla.

During Kratos & Atreus' escape they will encounter two other beings trapped under Odin's thumb, the wolf Fenrir and more importantly for this theory Týr who will turn out to be a future version of Kratos who came back in time (possibly to stop Ragnarok or to watch over Atreus while Kratos is gone) Kratos & Atreus break Týr free and Týr tells them that they need to go free the wolf Fenrir whom he is very close with (could also possibly be another attempt from Týr at stopping Ragnarok) however when they get to Fenrir, he is furious because of what Odin did to him and attacks Kratos, Týr and Atreus and bites off Týr's hand however he is eventually tammed and calmed down

Týr then would serve as the tritagonist of the game (alongside Mimir) and may possibly be a playable character since he is still Kratos

Jumping here to the possible end of the game (as it's the part relevant to this theory) Kratos, Atreus & Týr would locate the wolves Skol and Hati (maybe Týr realizes at some point if he is trying to stop Ragnarok that in order for the people of the universe to have a new beginning that Ragnarok needs to happen so they set out to find the wolves and have them capture the sun and moon) the trio would encounter and have a fight with possibly Thor again (similar to how Baldur was the first and last fight of the last game) during which Týr will be killed recreating the image we see on the Jotunheim mural of Atreus holding him and later walking away with three wolves being Fenrir, Skol & Hati (and also present day Kratos) after having allowed Ragnarok to happen.

Now my evidence for this theory:

  1. First of all, Týr is the norse God of War which makes him the equivalent to Kratos this may not seem like a big deal as other characters have counterparts that are not the same person (like Odin & Zeus) however Týr has also been to multiple other pantheons including the greek pantheon add to this that the original plan for God of War 4 was to have Kratos go to Egyptian Mythology instead of the norse one and the game director Cory Barlog stating before that these other pantheons could be explored in the future, well then Týr being a future version of Kratos would set this up perfectly as on his journey to becoming Týr, Kratos would travel to other pantheons in the future like the Egyptian and Japanese mythologies see in Týr's vault allowing them to have them as seatings for possible future games.

  2. Now while it might seem odd that Kratos would have a vase depicting himself as the Ghost of Sparta in his vault seeing as how he hates that part of him, seeing as this is a future version of Kratos, it is possible he has learned to accept the past which is why he keeps that vase in his vault (the vase that his past self ironically smashes).

  3. Týr being future Kratos would explain why in the mural he looks different to normal Kratos (with him missing the red tattoos and his beard being slightly different and all that) because again he is from the future so he is going to naturally look different.

  4. The skirt I guess? Kratos is wearing in the mural is somewhat similar to the skirt Týr is wearing in some of his shrines however there are some slight differences but that could easily be explained by how Týr was imprisoned for a long time and that probably has took it's toll on him.

  5. In the mural the runes if translated spell, death of the father, grief and fraud, if Týr is truly a future version of Kratos then all these would fit that description as he is still the father of Atreus and Atreus (even Kratos) would grieve over him and also fraud seeing as it's not the current version of Kratos we are all used to and that this possibly might trick the asgardians to believe that Kratos has died for a second and final time making them not concerned about him during Ragnarok.

  6. It would also explain why in the mural Kratos' hand is scratched off which would be to hide the fact that he is missing it which matches up with the fact that Týr in norse mythology also lost his hand which I believe we will see play out during the event of this second game.

  7. Also in the mural only two of the wolves (possibly Skol & Hati) are clearly visible while the third (possibly Fenrir) with a decent gap in between them, this could possibly be because present day Kratos is walking in between them (or even behind him) and that part is chipped off the mural to avoid spoiling that.

  8. Killing off Kratos at the beginning of the game would possibly create the perfect fake out for the audience in the eyes of Santa Monica Studio as they would allow the player to believe that this is destiny fulfilled and that mural has been recreated but instead later turn out to be false.

  9. Santa Monica Studio has stated before that Kratos will always be the protagonist of God of War games meaning that it's unlikely will see him die permanently any time soon, however if it was a future version of Kratos it would allow the devs to kill him off permanently while also continuing to make God of War games in the future.

  10. This would also not mean that Kratos' final fate is to die at the point in time as the future isn't set in stone and can always change (seen in things like how Magni and Modi were originally destined to survive Ragnarok) so it would create uncertainty in us as the players as to whether or not this truly Kratos' final fate.

And that's all I have for this theory, this is currently what I, a regular ass player with no insider information believe might happen with the mural and Týr in the next game.

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