God of War

Theory : Kratos will die in a game after Ragnarok

God of War 5 - Theory : Kratos will die in a game after Ragnarok

I just finished my second run of God Of War. One thing I had missed before was Mimir saying "The world serpent was sent back in time before it's own birth during Ragnarok".

I've read many theories that Kratos will die in gow Ragnarok, but many of them lack completeness. My theory is that Ragnarok will happen at the end or 3/4 ways of the next game. Everyone will be thrown back in time and loose their memory of the future except Odin and Thor who probably have prepared themselves (could be explained by Odin's I want to know everything nature)

I'm saying that people will loose their memory because all the lores in this game are like "Maybe this already happened or will happen".

So Kratos and atreus now exist before Kratos is even born, without their memories (which I think will lay the "Kratos was watching over his past self and atreus complete their journey" claims to rest). When Odin realises this he will probably take atreus under his wing with the name Loki. Meanwhile Kratos being Kratos will probably fight wars or stop unnecessary wars and gain the people's respect to become Tyr, the norse god of war. Since this is the past, the giants are most probably alive then and offer Tyr the special sight Mimir told him about.


After a few years, when "Loki" grows up, he is sent by Odin to kill "Tyr" seeing him as a threat due to his popularity, sharing of worldly knowledge with everyone and closeness with the giants. Loki sends his giant(big, not the race) wolf Fenrir to fight Tyr and this is when Tyr loses one of his arms (looked up norse mythology). Next Loki comes and fights Tyr. Tyr being drained and tired probably couldn't keep up anymore and gets killed by Loki. This would explain the "betrayal" part of the ending mural.

I had another theory but that seems less probable (if the studio decides to keep this series going beyond Norse, as they said they had ideas for 5 more games) : 1. Loki fights Tyr and somehow Tyr manages to slip away or somehow both Loki and Tyr regain their memories and Loki lets Tyr go and then Tyr travels into another land to escape Odin and hides there and Loki will tell Odin that Tyr is "dead". 2. Both regain their memories and go together to fight Odin and kill him and change the predestined path ( I know this is aginst the mural, but given how Greek part of Kratos ended, this seems probable)

Addition : It could be possible the "betreyal" was by someone else but since Kratos was missing a hand, I think it's most probable that he became Tyr and atreus became Loki and betrayed Kratos by attacking him with Fenrir.

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