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Theory on how Kratos acquired the Spartan Rage ability (long read, contains spoilers for God of War 3 and 4)

God of War 5 - Theory on how Kratos acquired the Spartan Rage ability (long read, contains spoilers for God of War 3 and 4)

Just to recap the end of God of War 3: Athena tells you that she created "the most powerful weapon in the world" and placed it in the Box of Pandora, as a countermeasure if the evils from the box were ever released to the world, she named this power, Hope. At the end of God of War 3, after Zeus forces Kratos into his psyche, Kratos finds out how to forgive himself off painful memories which caused him nightmares and unlocks as a result. Hope.

After unlocking Hope in God of War 3, we can see that blue flames are emitting off Kratos' eyes and forearms; Kratos looks at his engulfed arms a lot during the cut scene. Similarly, when you unleash Spartan Rage, orange fire is emitting off Kratos' forearms, and if you look at Kratos' eyes, they change to an orange texture; I believe Spartan Rage is in fact, the power of Hope, but Kratos is restraining himself on using this power at it at its full potential, thus, orange flames instead of blue.

In God of War 3 after you kill Zeus, you can see blue particles surrounding the area of where Kratos is, additionally, storms and unpredictable weather off into the distance (among other forms of destruction). After Atreus goes unconscious from that encounter with Modi, Kratos is understandably emotionally devastated, we see similar (orange) particles around Kratos and unpredictable storms. During the boat ride where Kratos sets off to re-collect the Blades of Chaos, Kratos noticeably looks at his arms during that scene, in a similar fashion like he did during the final scenes of God of War 3.


God of War 4's game director, Cory Barlog has stated before that older Kratos, is in fact more powerful than in any of the other games, and that he is yet to show his full potential. So, why does Kratos limit the capability of Spartan Rage; why weren't the blue flames of Hope not shown in the newest God of War? because of the destruction-potential this power can have on the world: I am theorising that maybe, the destruction seen in God of War 3, isn't due to the deaths of gods themselves, but rather, Kratos' lack of control on the most powerful weapon in the world, thus, Kratos currently limits himself to the might of this magical weapon.

In Tyr's temple, during the cutscene where Kratos smashes a vase which on one side depicts Kratos on a rampage, on the opposite side, there is also a depiction of people building/restoring on the ruins of Greece. I am thinking that as older Kratos learned to control himself and Hope better, as an effect, the ruined Greece became a stable and habitable place once more, thus civilisation began to rebuild, as depicted on that vase.

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