God of War

Theory on “The Cycle”-How Jormungandr fits in

God of War 6 - Theory on “The Cycle”-How Jormungandr fits in

Okay, so gonna get the obvious and known out of the way: Atreus is Loki, the mural probably shows Atreus killing Kratos or holding a dying Kratos, and Jormungandr was sent back in time while battling Thor probably during Ragnarok and is probably Atreus’s son.

Okay, so I have a theory-

In the Norse mythos, Ragnarok is less of a triggered event and is more a timer set off after Loki reveals he killed Baldur. In this timeline, Baldur dies earlier. The Aesir in God of War could know about Baldur’s death at this point, but might not be too keen at getting revenge because Baldur was invincible and well look at him now. Except for Thor. He and Kratos battle (maybe drop a reference to Zeus, or even reveal Kratos has some of Zeus’s powers he pent up in his younger years out of hatred for his father or not wanting to become him) and kills him (reluctantly, knowing what happens after killing a god and still trying to amend for his past) defending Atreus.

As Atreus grows older, something happens that starts to turn him like a younger Kratos and really kicks off Ragnarok. He’s a massive threat, being one-quarter mortal, one-quarter Olympian demigod, and half Jotunn. Kratos tries to stop Atreus, but either A) can’t bring himself to hurt his son B) (What I prefer) Atreus tricks Kratos.


Now this part is the purest of baseless speculation, but at some point Atreus meets and falls in love with Angrboa (I apologize for the English spelling, I don’t know to type other languages on mobile) and Jormungandr is born before all of this. When Angrboa is pregnant with present Jormungandr, future Jormungandr dies. As Jormungandr grows up he keeps having recurring dreams and nightmares of him fighting “someone like the Aesir you told me you and grandfather fought, the one who controlled lightning and had a magic hammer”, and defending “this man who… reminded me of the demigod grandfather tells me stories about, the one who destroyed a whole land and killed its gods”. When Ragnarok starts, it’s revealed future Jormungandr died because of present Jormungandr coming into existence, and his memories were transferred to the newborn Jormungandr. Jormungandr’s like a teenager at this point so he’s still goddamn huge but not “World Serpent” huge.

Jormungandr sees Atreus turning to the dark side, killing Kratos (let’s give the two of them a sweet grandpa-grandson relationship) and maybe some other people he’s close to too like his brother Fenrir (who had similar time-traveling shenaniganery going on) and even Angrboa to really jerk with the player. Jormungandr realizes that if Atreus isn’t stopped, he’ll destroy Midgard (or maybe just the general area of Scandinavia if it goes God of War 3).

Jormungandr and his sister Hel are possibly the only ones who can defeat Atreus, Hel as the goddess of death and Jormungandr possibly the largest living thing on Midgard.

Atreus kills Hel (mirroring Kratos killing Ares), and Jormungandr truly loses it, killing Atreus, in a reverse boss-battle were you’re the giant monster fighting the demigod.

What do you guys think?

Also side note-Yeah Angroboa was a Jotunn Loki had an affair with in the original mythos, but she’s more well-known, and the series has taking larger creative liberties with mythologies.

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