God of War

Theory on the next GOW plot

God of War 5 - Theory on the next GOW plot

I’m going straight to the point here:

  • Kratos & boii battles Thor for the first time.
  • Kratos gets killed
  • Atreus gets furious unleashes the great serpent but the battle was a stalemate.
  • Atreus vows revenge against the gods for his fathers death, and calls himself Loki.

Now this is where my plot divides. I have 2 plots regarding this one 1. After Kratos died, does his soul go back to Greek underworld. Because he was born there? 2. Because he’s in a Norse “territory” does his soul go to Norse underworld called “Hel”. Let’s start in the first one

  • Kratos soul goes to back to the Greek underworld but since he killed hades, he doesn’t have to do the trail and goes out easily.
  • kratos travels back to Scandinavia
  • when he arrived, he witnessed the destruction and mayhem that Loki caused for his revenge against the Norse gods.
  • Kratos having experienced this in his past, knew nothing good will come out of it in the end.
  • Kratos runs after Loki to convince him to stop the destruction he is causing.
  • Kratos reaches Loki, embraces him, then tells him to stop the destruction and not make the same mistake he did when he was young.
  • Atreus gets furious when his father reprimanded him for his actions & decisions, when all he did he did it for him.
  • Kratos & Loki battle each other, only to be interrupted by Thor
  • Father & son settles their differences and faces Thor
  • Thor gets killed. Kratos wields the mjolnir
  • Kratos know that all gods will be after them now after killing Thor. And the damage done is too great & and the only option now is to move forward with his son.

As for the 2nd plot I think the valkyries will help kratos out after freeing all of them. I think they will smuggle kratos to Asgard and hide him there. If not which I think unlikely he will go to Hel and try to get out.

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  • After being smuggled by the valkyries kratos waits for the asgardians to be called for battle when ragnarok starts and that’s when he will slip through to get back to Atreus

  • I think the sequence will be the same as what I’ve written on the top.

What do you guys think of my theory? Sorry if it’s too long and there’s some grammar mistakes. Anyways I can’t wait for the next game, hope it doesn’t release on the PS5.

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