God of War

Theory on where the story will go next/The origin of Odin.

God of War 5 - Theory on where the story will go next/The origin of Odin.

I looked through reddit and quickly scanned the internet to see if someone had already thought of this theory, but didn't find anything, so I decided to make this post in order to see what people think. Having just finished the game for the first time and wrapping my head around the final twist concerning Atreus being Loki, the origins of Loki and his brothers sprang to mind. Loki was the son of Fárbauti and Laufey, however he was not their only son according to Norse mythology. They had two other sons, Býleistr and Helbindi. The later is the one that is important to this theory, as his name means Hel-binder, or Death defier. This is another epithet for the Norse god king Odin.

Is it possible that Kratos and Laufey had another child, possibly a twin to Atreus/loki, and for some reason did not want to raise him? If the child somehow survived being abandoned by his parents, would this explain why Odin caused the Aesir to become warlike and vengeful, and why he wants to find Kratos and Loki? This all fits the name Death defier.

Odin wants to change his fate, we know this because Mimir states this when the trio are in Hel in Odins library. Knowing that his brother is what eventually causes Ragnarok and being jealous of his father choosing to raise Atreus and not him seem like good reasons as to why he would want to end the cycle, but it also continues the chain of Gods seemingly killing or hating their own parents in the God of War series. If Odin succeeds in killing his own father and Loki, the cycle of creation and Ragnarok would end, making Odin master of his own fate.


The Aesir are considered a "tribe" by the jotunn in the ending area in Jotunnheim when reading the writing on the walls. This would make sense if Odin being of the same blood as Atreus/Loki, made his own offshoot tribe of Jotunn and called them the Aesir, and now uses them as a weapon against his brother and father.

As for Odins father in actual mythology, Borr, he is considered a bit of an anomaly and his origins are shady, as his father was was licked free from the earth by the primeval cow Auðumbla. This kind of seems like nonsense, and can easily be considered a cover up that Odin created to hide his real origins.

Thor having his great-great grandfathers (Zeus') powers over lightning also make sense if you look at it as being passed down genetically. This is only if genes work the same way in the game as they do in real life, which I doubt. However the links are cool to think about.

The issues with this theory are as follows:

  1. Why would Kratos and Laufey abandon one of the two children?

Maybe the sickness that comes from being of mixed blood that made Atreus sickly was even worse with Odin/Helbindi, and they decided that leaving him to die was the best course of action, as is in spartan custom?

  1. Why would Kratos act as if he doesn't know what is going on or acknowledge Odin as his son?

This one is trickier, however you could chalk it up to him having more secrets that he's keeping from Atreus in order for him to continue the cycle without questioning his fathers motives.

Not sure if I missed anything, I would love to hear what you guys think about this.

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