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Theory regarding the next God of War Game

God of War 1 - Theory regarding the next God of War Game

For those who didn't go back to Kratos' cabin at the end of the game, you get one of Atreus' visions, predicting Thor to visit the father and son near the end of Fimbulwinter. Relating back to the murals in Jötunheimr; the last one which only Kratos saw, predicts his own death in the arms of Atreus. From my perspective, it appears as if Atreus is giving birth to the World Serpent in that particular moment (as the World Serpent says that Atreus looks familiar). Considering that the World Serpent and Thor really hate each other, would it be too far-fetched to suggest that Kratos dies at the hands of Thor and the World Serpent is born, fuelled on the hatred and anger that Atreus would have for Thor? I don't think so as Kratos' explicitly says that "it's not our journey, it is your story" or something along the lines. There is also quite a bit of mural missing after the panel of dead Kratos, so I think we can expect to see Atreus (or Loki) fleshed out as the primary protagonist in the next game.

I really love the character development that both Kratos and Atreus go through in this game and while it would break my heart to say goodbye to Kratos, if we see him killed off at the beginning (even in the first few chapters of the next game or towards the middle point), it really opens up a lot of potential for the next game. We've already seen him kill most of the Greek Pantheon; it would feel repetitive and over-done if the developers attempt something similar with other mythologies in the next game (as hinted by the missing panel of Tyr). It would be thematically a much better story if we followed Atreus in his attempts to avenge Kratos' death and build the foretold army that opposes Odin during Ragnarök. While I don't think the next game will be about Ragnarök, it will likely start at the end of the next game or the beginning of the one after that. After all, Ragnarök is described as a culmination of major battles; this would still allow the developers to justify calling it "God of War" after Kratos is dead as Loki is the god who sets events into motion that are the prelude to Ragnarök. I think we can expect to travel to other mythological pantheons; the World Serpent can travel through time before he was born, so why wouldn't Loki be able to? Another interesting idea I've had is that after Kratos' death, Atreus calls himself primarily Loki as that is what his mother wanted to call him – it'd make for a great bit of character development.

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What does everyone else think? Love to hear all your thoughts and ideas about what could potentially happen in the next game.

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