God of War

Things I’ve noticed in my Second play through Pt. 2 (Spoilers if you haven’t yet beaten the game)

God of War 9 - Things I've noticed in my Second play through Pt. 2 (Spoilers if you haven't yet beaten the game)

Hello God of War fans,

I've just finished completing the game for a second play through (highly recommended if you've only played the game once). My first post was related to things I noticed that happened before Atreus recovery from his near-death state. So here we go again, here are the minor things I noticed in the last third of the game:

Freya's "awakening" as a DIRECT result of Kratos, but never truly understanding her son
This is just something that sort of went under my radar but many of you may have already caught this. Upon bringing back the heart of the gate keeper to Freya, she reveals that she has a son and informs Kratos that he shouldn't make the same mistakes that she made by putting her needs and wants before her childs. She also tells Kratos to have faith in Atreus because she didnt with her son and it lead to resentment. This conversation implies that only due to her interactions with Kratos, has she been able to better understand Baldurs feelings, realizing she was the one in the wrong. As we arrive at the final boss fight (the next time we see her since she saves atreus), she openly admits that both Atreus and Kratos helped her see more clearly, and thus she is looking for her son (whom shortly emerges from the lake).

So lets look at the timeline of events,
Baldur is born>Shortly after Freya places the spell on him from a young age if not at birth> Baldur leaves home to live with Odin and Thor as Freya refuses to release the spell but accepts the consequences as she believes it was the best thing for her son> MANY years later she encounters Kratos, and she realizes her fault> Believing she understand her son better than anyone (but not taking into account the time that has passed), she tries to find him in efforts to repair their relationship. However, the damage is done and Baldur's hatred for his mother has reached a point beyond forgiveness, prompting him to kill her.

These events show how much Freya is blinded by her love for her son. Even after realizing her fault, she still does not understand what Baldur has gone through and truly believes she can reason with him.

What stands out is the fact that Atreus refers to Freya as one of the "good" gods along with Tyr, himself, and Kratos. However, as the player we know that Kratos wasn't always good, and clearly Freya hasn't always made "good" decisions. Who's to say that Tyr does not have any flaws himself?

What causes the second thunder storm??
When Atreus recovers and sees Sindri again, he tells him that Gods dont have to worry about little people and their little problems. At which point a thunderstorm begins. As you continue, the thunderstorm gets more violent, until you end up meeting Modi. Originally, it seemed like the thunderstorm was a direct result of Atreus' mood change. However, this storm is different than the one that occurs when Atreus almost dies. Maybe the thunderstorm is related to Thor? If it is infact related to Atreus, it may imply that Atreus mood can affect the whether. And thus Ragnorock may be more closely related to Atreus mood among other things.

Theory: Baldur was originally good
When we first encounter Baldur, he differs himself from Thor by stating he is different in the sense that if he is given what he wants(information), he will walk away unlike thor who will kill regardless of whether or not he gets what he wants. Additionally, Baldur refers to his family as being "fucked up" when Atreus shoots an arrow at Kratos. This is a particularly interesting statement, almost even odd for an Aesir to say. Consider the Aesir we know about and what we know about the Aesir. We know that the Aesir consider themselves above all other species. They are proud people. Proud of who they are, proud of what they are. Just look at Magni and Modi, very proud warriors, to the point they believe they are unstoppable/unkillable. Thor and Odin, are ready to wipe out the Giants race to obtain dominance for the Aesir. The only Aesir, that doesnt seem "proud" is Baldur. He only has one goal in mind and that is to rid himself of the spell that he suffers from. Additionally, we know for a fact that Baldur and his mother were very close when he was younger, close enough that he could not bring himself to kill her at the time. I think Baldur being brought up by Freya, he was brought up with good ideologies, and he was probably a good kid originally. However, at a young age he left his mother, and went to live with Odin and Thor. Thus combined with a loss of sanity from his spell and the corrupt teachings from Odin it isn't difficult to see how Baldur would become the person he is when we meet him in the game.


Theory: Odin does not want to go to Jotunheim
At the beginning of the game, we learn that Odin sent Baldur to Fayes home. It is not mentioned why Odin is looking for Faye but we get implications that he wants to travel to Jotunheim to kill the Giants. Yet at the end of the game, we discover that the Giants are already dead. So why would Odin want to go Jotunheim? Maybe if he is unaware that the giants are dead, but I find it hard to believe Odin who has a lot of knowledge of the future is unaware of the deaths of the giants. What he does want is the retrieval/capture of Faye, and later the retrieval/capture of Atreus. Upon opening the gates to Jotunheim, Baldur tells kratos that the boy is the brains and that he is just meat. Maybe when Baldur came back to Aesir empty handed, Odin (now knowing faye is dead) told him to bring back the boy, the boy is who they need (for reasons unknown). However, If Odin knows of Ragnarok, maybe he somehow learned that Atreus would be the one to break the spell on Baldur, which would lead to baldurs death, which leads to fimblewinter (something odin is trying to prevent). Thus odin, reinstructed Baldur to bring back Atreus with the incentive that atreus holds the power to cure the spell.

Theory: Magni will return through Valahala, Modi is not dead, Baldur will go to helheim.
Magni is the only Aesir god to die while in battle. Modi and Baldur both die after their battles have ended. As a result, its almost certain that Magni will return at some point, in some form as he will live on in Valahala, ready to wage war when ragnarock comes. However, Modi on the other hand was stabbed in the neck and kicked off a cliff. He is presumed dead, but he is not shown dead. Unlike Baldur and Magni, whom we are left with their corpses. If Modi truly was dead, why would the developers have Atreus kick him down a cliff, why couldn't they show him bleed out and die on the floor? Maybe modi somehow survives the fall, goes into hiding as nearly dying to atreus would be extremely humiliating in the eyes of his father. Maybe he will return. I don't think Baldur will return via Valahala as he did not die in battle, but I do think we will see him again in Helheim.

Final Boss Fight
A lot of interesting things happen during the final boss fight, I don't have the answers to most of them, but maybe they can spark some discussion.
1. Baldur is capable of defeating the Jormi yet future Thor couldn't defeat Jormi. Now I've read some theories that maybe its because Jormi can't fight back properly as he is trying to keep himself from digesting Kratos and Atreus. Maybe it may just be the fact that Baldur is immortal. Or maybe in the future, Fimblewinter had already begun, and thus Baldur was dead before the birth of Jormi.

  1. Jormi regurgitates Atreus and Kratos right at the corpse of Thamur. Why is it that they are spit out in that particular place? Seems a bit deliberate/convenient. However, this may just be coincidental and done by the developers in order to allow Freya to be able to intervene in the battle.

  2. Baldur asks Kratos and Atreus if they have any idea at all what you have costed him in a frustrated tone. At the end of the battle Atreus asks Mimir what was meant by this statement to which Mimir simply states that "Possibly, Odin told Baldur that by following kratos and Atreus to Jotunhiem he may find a cure" This particular statement stands out a lot because we know that Baldur was not tasked to "follow" Kratos and Atreus. If that were the case, Baldur would not have interrupted Atreus and Kratos when they had opened the gates to Jotunheim the first time. For this reason, I do not think Mimir possibility is true. The fact that Atreus brings it up shows the significance of that statement. Had he not brought it up, the player would just assume, Baldurs tough journey though helheim may be what he is refering to. However, there seems to be more going on behind the scenes then we are let on to know.

  3. During the fight, Kratos will wound Baldur with his axe, to which Baldur will state how he can feel the pain. What's interesting is that the wound heals up during the fight and there is no wound to be found by the end of the fight. With the developers attention to detail, I believe this is done to show Baldur's healing ability. This shows that his ability to heal does not rely on the spell, but more so the spell just grants him immortality. This may imply that other Aesir Gods have the ability to heal. (i.e. Modi)

  4. Lastly, during the fight when the spell is broken, Baldur begins using fire powers and his ice powers seems stronger. Does the ability to feel allow him to tap into extra powers? Has he always had Ice/fire powers or does he absorb the powers from his opponents weapons, to use against them? The simple answer is that he has always had the powers, but it doesnt explain why he didnt use his fire powers in the first fight.

That's it fellow fans!
I hope I didnt ramble too much, and hopefully my theories are clear and well written. Please feel free to spark discussion or comment your own theories. I may have missed information or misinterpreted certain scenes, so don't hesitate to correct me. I am only mortal, not a God. As Kratos would say, I… do not know.

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