God of War

This game is a piece of art

God of War 2 - This game is a piece of art

Started playing this game about 2 days ago finally, after having it just lying around in my room because I was too busy with RDR2. And man did I fall in love with it from the second it started with Kratos chopping the tree. I have just arrived in alfenheim am not sure how far that is in to the game (and tbh don't even want to know) but it just keeps on getting more beautiful. Could have probably been much further but I spend close to 2 hours roaming around the shores of nine and wow was that an amazing place to be, especially at the beginning when the world serpent showed up that thing (not sure what it exactly is Xd) was such a beautiful creature. I think I was just as excited as atreus when he showed up haha. But man did I wish I had started playing this game earlier it is such a piece of art. I solely bought my ps4 pro just for rdr2 but decided to pick up God of War with it aswell 2/3 weeks ago and am really glad I did. I can understand why this game became game of the year, I haven't even completed it and have fallen in love with the whole game.


Glad to be part of this community, will definitely read more posts once I completed the game to stay spoiler free for now.

A screenshot I took using the ps4 screenshot option which I took a picture of using my phone xd

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