God of War

This Game is Shaping Up to Be One of the Best Ive ever Played (Minor Spoiler Ahead)

God of War 3 - This Game is Shaping Up to Be One of the Best Ive ever Played (Minor Spoiler Ahead)

Aight so over this quarantine I’ve been playing a lot of games, but, ever since I nabbed a ps4 and played the exclusives, I have been beyond impressed with game quality. God of War, HZD, Spiderman, Bloodborne… all phenominal, but this game has been hitting me hard in all sorts of ways, and I think I’m only half way through.

For reference, Im level 5 (almost 6), I just busted outta hell and took down my first valkyrie, Kara, soon after. Up to this point, I have been nothing but impressed by this game that has equal parts brilliant story and gameplay.

As for story, the fact that there’s two main characters changes so much of the typical game structure we see today. Your given a conflict, “Is Kratos a good man? Is redemption possible past a certain point? What does it mean to be a man?” And ur seeing it from both sides.

Kratos doesnt know how to relate to his son, but anyone whose ever had to care for a younger person understands this to some extent. How do you explain death, war, and the circumstances of existence to somebody whose had so little life experience? Yes, he does it worse than almost anyone does, but, as Kratos tries to tell Atreus multiple times, this doesnt mean that he doesnt care.

Atreus, on the other hand, is forced to deal with an ironically human father. So much is thrust upon him in so little time: putting his mother to rest, pleasing his father, and saving his father from himself, trying to help him not hate himself. This kid does so much and it’s easy to see his point of view. How many of us have had our fathers not live up to the standard? But alas, that’s not the point. It’s not about who has wronged wh. It’s about what it means to be a good son and a good father, and the writers ask us to see these ideals and mimic them.


As for gameplay, my goodness, it’s everything I ever wanted out of a souls game, but fromsoft would rather be annoying. Let me explain. I dont hate souls games, I love em actually. But this does it better.

This game is hard. I play on the second hardest difficulty and I get my ass handed to me constantly, but alas, there’s no insane learning curve here. The combat system feels natural and it’s FUN. Yes a video game is FUN not cus it’s oddly satisfying when u win, which it is, but because playing it is FUN. All the ways you can wreak havoc, the seamless attacks, and the intricate weapon design all make a fantastic experience that makes me wanna play, not for rewards sake, but for the pure thrill of it. This is big for me mostly because it makes the game easily accesible. I could reccomend this to anyone and they would succeed and experience a fantastic game. Souls? Not so much.

Holy shit this was longer than expected, I will post again when I finish the game so that you can know if it kept the hype through the last half.

TL;DR: Play this fucking game dawg

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