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A few months ago in the comment section of a post I suggested this theory about Thor's personality and character development, the comment didn't get much attention then and I'd like to call some attention for it now and hear your take on it: "We know Thor and Odin' s monstrous actions, however those who told us about them were their enemies. If that theory is correct they're actions will still be wrong, but they will be justified. After all, I don't think Thor is a truly bad person. He is unstable and a murderous bastard, but before he fucked up at the funeral and killed his worshiper's wife, he went to pay respects to a mere mortal. The mighty god of thunder, paying respects to a man. <...> Thor reminds me of Wilson Fisk (the kingpin), more specifically, the Netflix Daredevil show. In that series, Fisk was a sweet child, a gentle giant. His father made him violent, forced him to beat up a guy and traumatized him. One day, when his father was beating up his mother again, young Fisk couldn't take it and caved his father's head in with…well, a hammer. Now, when an older Fisk looks at the mirror, he sees that child, covered in his father's blood. Wilson didn't grow up. He still IS that child. He is innocent in away, he isn't straight up evil. He cannot take a no from people and will either take what he wants be force at the moment or scheme around it and take it later. Thor could have been that gentle giant, attached to his mother. Her unnecessary death would leave him emotionally broken, seeing his father descend into paranoia and violence would reflect onto him. He would still be that little boy who lost is mother, like Atreus. But he didn't have a good father like our boy did. He didn't have Kratos. I can perfectly imagine that after he gets defeated, by Kratos or Atreus, he would be on his knees, covered in his blood, a big man crying, but with the emotions of a child. After all, he had never been defeated. And I see that as truly endearing if well done, well pulled off and justified" Some time later in another posted I theorized that maybe Thor killed his own mother, as is suggested in the game, the following text was taken from the God of War wiki page, in the Trivia section, about Fjörgyn, Thor's mother: "It is implied by one of the Lore Markers that Thor was somehow responsible for Fjörgyn's death, as it mentions that her body shall be borne to "where nevermore the Thunder may find her". In addition, the same Marker says that "for her gift of life, her life was claimed", further supporting this theory." So, as I was saying, it would be interesting if Fjörgyn was developed through comments and lore markers, much like Tyr and Laufey were, imagine we got to know the person, got attached to her and in a mission we visit a location that meant something to her and get attacked by Thor, who in his battle with Kratos destroys his mother's place, something that us, the player, want to preserve in the memory of that woman, but her son does not. I know that the whole first theory about Thor doesn't add up to the second one but if he killed Fjörgyn in a fit of rage or was coerced or even Odin to do it he could very well regret it, which would break him even more. Again, I'm curious to see what you think of this, your take on it. Did you love or at least like it? Did you hate it and think it was a blasphemy? Let me know!

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