God of War

Time spent in Fog Realm vs rest of the game

God of War 7 - Time spent in Fog Realm vs rest of the game

I am curious how some of the players here found the fog realm challenge compared to the rest of the game. I ask because I started it yesterday, made a bit of progress, but am daunted at the prospect of finishing it.

For reference, I am playing on default difficulty setting. I beat the main quest, killed the 4 valkyries in Midgard, freed all 3 dragons, did all of the Midgard side quests for the dwarves and deal souls, collected all of the collectibles in Midgard I care for.

So I am aiming for the platinum trophy and feeling it to be reasonably attainable.

I have not yet tried the fire realm.

In the fog realm I got as far as crafting and equipping Ivaldi's armor with a couple of upgrades. I have not yet found any of the anchors required to open the realm tears. I get the basic layout of the area thanks to on-line guides.

When I venture out into the fog, I'm able to clear one or two rooms of enemies before the mist starts to run low or I'm almost dead. This nets me about 1000 mist echoes. Opening the realm tears requires like 10,000 or more echoes. That means that it'll be like 50 successful trips through the fog rooms to open them all. Not to mention the treasure chests in that room (I opened a couple already but there are 2 or 3 more that require thousands of echoes).


And of course I still don't have anchors. Internet tells me I need to hit those dead-end rooms, and I've done that but no anchors in the non-valkyrie room. Yeah I know it's random but that just adds to the tediousness. Yeah I know I gotta kill that valkyrie too, I tried once and failed but came close and I know I can do it, it's just first I gotta kill two rooms full of enemies to even get to her!

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I just seems impossible to clear this objective. So close to platinum but so far. Is this normal for everyone or am I missing something other than "git gud?" Are we supposed to spend as much time, or more, in the fog realm as the rest of the game?

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