God of War

Time Travel in the Sequences

God of War 7 - Time Travel in the Sequences

Hello everyone, I'm new to this subreddit and I'd like to share with you guys some theories I have about the upcoming releases from the new trilogy of God of War. If you find any information here that you can confirm that is not true or something like, please, tell me so I can edit this. I'd love to see what you guys think about it and what you think might happen. Here we go.

As we can see in the latest God of War game, travelling among different Pantheons is something Týr is capable of. Who else may have this "ability?" The one suspect of being Týr in the game, Kratos. We can clearly confirm that the games are not going to strictly follow the Eddas or the common stories from this Pantheon, because of how Baldur dies, that is kinda different from what the Tales say. Everyone that has finished the game knows that Kratos's name in the Jötunn wall says "Farbauti", but couldn't he also get the "aspect" of Týr?


Well, apart from the Kratos/Týr theory, we see on the Jötunn wall that Týr has helped Faey (Laufei, Loki/Atreus's mother) somehow, and we also see the entire game story on it, showing that, whoever carved those drawings, he/she knew what would happen. Not just that, but throughout the game we see the yellow markings of Faey on their entire journey, and it may be just a gameplay feature to indicate the path but I think it may have this relation I said. The runes in Týr's chest, when they get to the Lake of Nine, were possibly written by Týr/Kratos himself, guiding his "past" one to follow the steps his future self and Faey wanted them to follow in order to bring back the Giants. Why would Faey ask Kratos and Atreus to throw her ashes from the greatest peak of the Nine Realms, if not because of something that was important for them to do? Besides, in Jötunheim we see lots of "walls" that look like portals and all.

Through this theory is not possible to confirm how deep they're going to go on this Time Travel thing, but I do think that in the next game, before what I think will be the death of Kratos (in the wall, that might not be Kratos, but it's undeniable that it resembles him a lot, and if he is Týr, that missing right arm makes a lot of sense), we will travel not only through other Pantheons for a short period of time, but also through time, leading the Kratos and Atreus from the latest game to the path we take them. I think SantaMonica is making a great move by not only using the current Pantheon to tell their story, but using also "confusing" themes like time travel.

Thanks a lot for everyone who has read this and please share your thoughts!

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