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Time travel theory

God of War 2 - Time travel theory

Knowing that Atreus is Loki and that already adult Loki’s children exist in the GoW universe (Jormungardr, Hel) it is very very likely that Atreus will time travel in the future. Also if you are aquainted with the source mythology you must know that Loki is a very crucial character in the myths and most important events wouldn’t have happened if he had been absent. Of course the writers could just delete myths in which he is presents, but without his actions Thor wouldn’t have gotten his hammer, Odin wouldn’t have gotten his horse ( Loki was its mother), Tyr would still have his hand (Loki’s son wolf Fenrir bit it off) and I believe all those things were present or mentioned in the last game.

The only problem is that there are no instances of time travel in any of the Norse mythological stories, which means the writers would have to invent in themselves. But if you remember Mimir’s story about the World Serpent you will know they kinda already mentioned it. In one of the boat stories he says that during the Ragnarok Thor is gonna to hit the Serpent so hard with his hammer it sends it back in time houndreds of years. This most likely means that it’s the Mjollnir that has some time travel abilities.

And do you remember who comes to Kratos’ home at the beggining of GOW Ragnarok? Yes, it’s the mighty Thor.

Taking all that facts into account I have come up with a theory.


So, at the beggining of Ragnarok Thor comes to Kratos and Atreus. The face him off for a while until Thor takes a great swing with his hammer and sends them back in time just like he did with Jormungardr. But while time travelling Kratos and Atreus get separated – Kratos is transported to Jotunheim and Atreus to Asgard. Once landing in Jotunheim Kratos meets the giants and thinking that Atreus is gone he decides to stay with them and help them fight with the Aesir. The jotunn are reluctant at first, but finally they accept him and after several years they accept him as their own. Over the years he greatly aids them in their struggle and takes down a number of their foes, for which the giants award him with a byname of Farbauti (name of Loki’s father in the mythology), which in old norse means 'anger striker', a name that perfectly desribes him because of his "spartan rage” ability to attack (strike) other using the force of his anger.

On the other hand Atreus lands in Asgard and is welcomed by the Aesir who quickly notice his abilities and invited him to Valhalla. Fearing they might know that he killed Baldur, he introduces himself with his jotunn name Loki. Atreus knows how awful the gods are and doesn’t want to ally with them , but thanks to his cunning he comes up with a plan – he decides to become sort of a fifth columnist and undermine them from within.

And now let’s take a moment to look at the Norse myths and think how they might fit the plot of God of War. We all know that Loki in the myths is a great trickster who often pulls pranks on other gods. But what if those "pranks" were actually attempts to sabotage the Aesir and a preparations for future jotunn attack.

Eventually during one of his adventures he meets his father and using the knowledge he gathered about the gods’ weaknesses and having installed many traps or "death star’s exhaust ports” in their defenses and weapons (it’s Loki who gave Thor his hammer and Odin his spear in one of the myths) they find a way to time travel back to their time and lead a jotunn army from the past against the Aesir.

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