God of War

Today i started it!

God of War 7 - Today i started it!

I bought it today. I had $25-27 to buy whatever i wanted and i decided to go with GoW. At first i had seen Batman Return to Arkham (Asylum and City) for $8 and Horizon Zero Dawn Definitive for $15 i think (might be wrong). I added both to the cart but then went to "recommend to you" i don't remember the exact title of the Store section. There it was for $20, GoW. All i heard were praises about this game but i let the time pass.

A few months ago i had like $40 to spend but i bought soms indie games and Tomb Raider (the 1st of the reboot saga) for like $5. Saw GoW for the same price it has today but i wanted to play some indies. Today i did go for this game.

I had seen part of the troll fight in the trailers back before it was even released and saw when the "boiiii" missed the shot to the deer. Still, i tried to avoid spoilers since i knew I'd play it some day. Today a few hours ago i started playing and boy oh boy! It's a superb game. I defeated the stranger man that comes to "home" and it was a pretty damn good fight to be the beginning. It starts with powah. I chose the difficulty next to the normal one, i think it's the challenge one. I usually choose normal but in recent times i choose the next to normal unless it's SUPER hard or if I'm new to the genre (like RPGs).


I find the fights against "minions" (idk how to call the basic enemies in english) a bit too long. Maybe because their health is way more than it should be imo. That doesn't add difficulty but duration. I'm not saying they should be killed with 5 hits but it takes more than I'd like tbh. I took a lot of damage but I'm okay with that since i chose the challenging mode and of course enemies have more HP bu i think they exceeded a bit. The boss fight against the stranger was pretty long (each phase) but i enjoyed it a lot.

Yes, I've heard of that guy before and though i don't remember his name it's OBVIOUS he didn't die. Like, no one could think he's dead in this point of the game. I'm currently after defeating him when both Kratos and Atreus leave the woods to start the journey. I did a small bridge think and a bit of escalating but a few minutes only.

It looks like it'll be a MASTERPIECE and one of my favs.

TL;DR I started it today, i like it. Chose hard mode. Minions take more than they should imo and the first boss fight is incredible. Currently after defeating that stranger.

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