God of War

Tyr, Ares, Kratos, and a revelation.

God of War 7 - Tyr, Ares, Kratos, and a revelation.

Hello everyone.

As now many of us have played the game (I assume) and try to have second looks on it, I've noticed a few details and have some thoughts to share.

First of all, even though it becomes repetitive, it's something that has to be said: hands down in the top 10 videogames of all time. The cinematography, the music, the arc, the graphics, and the amazing details have topped everything we've seen and are second to none in its category.

A few thoughts about the story:

In the game we see Tyr who as God of War in Norse Mythology appears as kind, wise, peaceful, trying to avoid bloodshed, and undo injustice.

In the Greek Mythology, his equivalent Ares is portrayed as a polar opposite of Tyr: weak, sneaky, coward running from battle, stealing and deceiving, bloodthirsty, and schizophrenic.

By all means, Ares is the very worst of all Hellenic Pantheon.

Now, it is not mandatory to take these analogies to Kratos word by word, but what I do perceive from the arc, is that the Kratos of Greece that was more like Ares, is phasing into Tyr as he is adventuring in the Norse lands.

At the start of the game, the brilliant script is showing us Kratos on "Greek Mode" at his peak: he is indifferent, stoic, careless, and in a Spartan Survival mode. He minds his own business, does not interfere if there is no necessity to interfere and he is literally Laconic. Does what he must do and doesn't what is he mustn't.

If Kratos has to go from A to B, and next to B is a baby being murdered by someone that is not an obstacle to him, he'll not interfere.


All this changes as he spends time with his child and sees things from Atreus' perspective, as also the paternal instinct kicks in, and transmits into a benevolent God of War by seeing what Tyr has done in this narrative.

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This can be seen specifically at Jotunheim when he firstly accepts his past, and is ready to be a FATHER.

He hides his blades no more, and seems that he is not going to be dismissive to any Atreus' questions about his past as he did before.

…and then… the murals at Jotunheim. He realises that everything was destined to happened for a reason, and sees his own death on the hands of his child, as the Serpent that kills him comes out of Atreus'/Loki's mouth, ergo he is at his command, or even the same.

And he accepts that. The moment they scatter Frey's (Freyr) ashes, he knows, he is free, he has accepted what comes, and has made his peace with it.

Two things to be taken into consideration too, are firstly Mimir's comments for Atreus' after the boy lost control and attacked his father.

"You know brother, you know the boy's true nature"

Atreus has a dark side, and I think we are going to see it as he also phases into Loki.

The second moment to take into consideration is at the fight with Baldur in front o Freya, when he knows that she will willingly give her life for he child, no matter how monstrous he might be.

That's what every father or mother does, and after what he sees at the Jotunheim mural and his change into a real father, Kratos now realises what must happen and accepts it.

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