God of War

Uncle Kratos and Friends

God of War 4 - Uncle Kratos and Friends

I was always a Sony fanboy, and I always enjoyed gaming on a PlayStation. As a gamer, I would consider myself as a passionate one. I always enjoyed good games, especially the PlayStation exclusives, which come up to be one of the best games ever. I would like to talk about the new God of War, but have an objective perspective, instead of viewing it through a prism of nostalgia. I always enjoyed the Greek mythology, and any piece of art, whether it would be a movie, book or just anything, to be honest, would bring me joy. When I first got my PS2 back in the days, racing and FPS games were the first ones I played. Back than I didn't know much about games, and would just "go with the flow". One time, when I was a little kid, I notice my classmate sitting in the class with his PSP, playing something. I was lost in emotions. It was an action game, with a lot of violence, taking place in ancient Greece. God of War… Was it the best game, that fulfilled all my desires? Could be. Later that day I called my dad's friend, who was running a store with PlayStation 2 and it's accessories. I asked him to keep a copy of God of War for me. The next day I bought it, and was playing it all day long. At that time, it was my most enjoyed game. The day I finished the first game, I called him and asked him to keep a copy of the sequel. I bought it and finished it as soon possible. It was truly an amazing game. Years passed and I got myself a PS4. My passion for God of War paused for a few years, and I only got back to me in 2016, when I played God of War 3 Remastered on PS4, and I enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed playing the previous parts as a kid. The 2018 wasn't the easiest year for me, for I was getting my papers together for the university, fixing grades in the last year of high school, mentally preparing for the army and much more. I didn't manage to play the new God of War at it's release. I played a few minutes here and there during my breaks, but it wasn't anything serious. I knew the storyline, watched some gameplay, and just liked the idea of Kratos meeting with Scandinavian mythology. I decided to get the game and finally play it myself. God of War for PS4 is a worthy successor of the God of War series, and is more than worth the price and time of a franchise fan. I would like to, however, talk about the new God of War as of a standalone game, and not a part of a franchise. Its an amazing game. Everything that makes a game great, is present here. Let me put it this way. If a person, new to to gaming, got this game, he would be really amazed by how great a game can be, and show that video games are more than just type of entertainment, but in fact are piece of art. A deep story, detailed dialogues, pleasant aesthetics, authentic theme, emotional characters and much more. I personally would suggest playing it on a high difficulty, because at the end of the day, God of War is a slasher game, and with such amazing combat, only at high difficulty you would experience the challenge. On the other hand, by choosing a less difficult gameplay, you will immerse yourself into the story, without sweating much. Charming environment of the Scandinavian mythos will make you lose yourself in time without getting tired. Now, a few words about the new God of War as a part of a franchise. Kratos aged well. He went from a brutal killing machine to a wise old man capable of kicking some ass. He doesn't talk much, but you carefully listen to every single word of his. He doesn't have many weapons, but the Leviathan axe manages to satisfy all your expectations for a combat. Santa Monica Studio took away our favorite double jump, and now Kratos has to climb the walls, where he could just double jump onto. Yet, this doesn't mean that the game is worse now, furthermore, attention of the details while he is climbing, and just the way he does that, makes you worry about the character more, makes it feel more human. If you have read till this point, then you are probably interested in the game, and if you are still not convinced that the game is good, or is worth the money and the time, then close this article, and go get the game. Enjoy your play, comrade.


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