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Valkyrie Queen on hard difficulty was a bit of a letdown.

God of War 4 - Valkyrie Queen on hard difficulty was a bit of a letdown.

I'm basically going through the end game content right now getting trophies, gear, and fighting the valks. I've heard so much about the queen being hard to fight but honestly…it was underwhelming as I beat her in 2 tries on hard difficulty. A lot of posts I've seen before fighting her hyped the fight up as being crazy difficult. I learned early on fighting the previous valkyries that keeping your distance and blocking/dodging while using ranged attacks to open up for melee was far better than a purely close range fight. Many people I read about tried more for a largely close range fighting style leading to hours of attempts.

I'm guessing I'm the odd one out here when it comes to thinking the Valkyrie fights were a bit meh mostly due to the lack of variation in how each of them fights.

GEAR: I fought her with a maxed out mist armor, Shattered Gauntlet(with 3 of the required enchantments), Valkyries Might axe pommel, and Blightguard handles for blades of chaos. Axe runics used were Leviathon's Wake and Glaive Storm with Glaive being quite useful when she created the smoke screen as its a homing attack and can stun her for a second in the smoke. The blades of chaos runics I used were Blast of Hephestus(damn good at stopping her attacking) and Prometheus Flame which has a wide AoE attack in case she circled in around me. As for enchantments while not listing them all they were all legendaries usually giving some sort of boost geared towards a prolonged fight and boosting stats. Atreus' quiver and bow were max level as well using Legendary Runic Vestment and lvl 3 Summon Wolves. Basically everything I used was very late game gear while having it all fully upgraded giving me a gear rating of lvl 9. As for resurrection stone I had a rage resurrection stone on me but I never used it and you'll find out why below.


STRATEGY: Before the fight started I made sure to charge my rage meter using the Talisman of Eternal Fury which takes an annoying amount of time before switching back to my normal talisman. Like any Valkyrie fight I always started the fight with 2 fully powered heavy axe throws to her head since the Valkyrie transition animation from floating to combat mode gives you just enough of a window to do that if you time it well. Most of the fight I would be switching between ranged and melee depending on whether she was stunned by my ranged attacks but mostly keeping to ranged. A sneaky thing I would use is Atreus to summon wolves which give you an amazingly long 5 second window to melee the shit out of her which is where 90% of my close range weapon damage was done. I would then just back off, dodge any necessary attacks and then dump a shitload of DPS into her with Runics. Lastly whenever using Spartan Rage I would have Atreus shooting arrows at her for a little extra damage. First time I fought her I got her down to her last HP bar and hadn't even used my resurrection stone. Reason I just let Kratos die was because I wanted to beat her without using a stone and to flex on my friend who had spent 3 hours trying to beat her unsuccessfully. Second fight I ended it with roughly 15% HP left, no stone used, 1 dead queen, and 1 very pissed off friend lol.

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