God of War

We HAVEN’T found the “big secret” in kratos’ house yet!

God of War 2 - We HAVEN'T found the "big secret" in kratos' house yet!

I just played through GOW for the 3rd time, and having the opportunity to go inside of the house I have been searching non stop for things that stick out. I understand the community found the "l-o-k-i" runes in the house and the tapestry Faye was weaving for atreus that is Loki's symbol. But those aren't the secrets. Ive been rewatching cory's many spoiler interviews he did, and specifically in the IGN Spoiler Interview with Cory he completely spoils the fact that the house contains the letters of loki spelled out somewhere. He said his reasoning for doing this was because of how he had a lack luster "reveal" in God of War 2 that Gaia had been the narrator for the first game, and that from that point on, he would do everything to give the audience as much context as he could and never make that same mistake. And so, he put the runes in kratos' cabin so that from the start, you would know that there are clues to atreus' identity. In a SEPERARE DISCUSSION in the same interview, he then talks about secrets that are telling of "the future, the far future, and the FAR FAR future". Lokis name isnt anything related to the far future. HE DID NOT, use the runes to be a "big secret". He talks about both things seperately, and we need to figure out wtf else in the cabin has hidden meaning. P.s. im currently sitting in the house refusing to leave because it won't let you back in afterwards.

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