God of War

What am I missing about combat?

God of War 4 - What am I missing about combat?

EDIT: Combat is definitely already improving with skills. Just taken the first world jump (trying to be vague for spoilers) but having extra tools at my disposal and slowing down considerably as others suggested has helped.

Tl;dr: A rant about my boring/frustrating combat experience. Followed by a plea for tips.

Started the game yesterday on 'give me a challenge' but am not enjoying the fights in the slightest.

Currently fighting the second troll but any chance of fun is ruined by the lava throwing minions. There is no point killing them since they instantly respawn, so the only choice is to try spam attack the troll, but then 4 lava minions throw lava at you so you are just rolling all the time unable to get an attack in until you either get hit by the troll, roll into his lava pond, or a roll ends as a second, third or fourth minion's lava ball times the end of your dodge. Or occasionally the lava just decides to change direction midair to hit you as punishment for not rolling. Alsonear pointless trying to stop troll's lava throws because of all this.


Not to mention you can't rely on the indicators because the lava minions will be hidden behind the troll or just at the edge of the screen and not have any indicators. Which is all the more reason how stupid it is projectiles go through enemies…

It isn't just this fight though. The revanents are annoying as hell needing an arrow to hit, and then having wide sweeps, tracing attacks etc. I don't know why they are so strong in close quarters as well as distance. The heavy draugrs aren't terrible but frustrating in numbers. Regular mob draugrs just ignore your attacks instead of being stunned unless heavy.

Every fight feels like a mob of sponges or a mixture of annoying mechanics. I don't mind that it isn't like the old GoW games but this combat just isn't fun so far and I assume I'm missing something.

The only combat I've enjoyed so far has been the 1v1s against Stranger and the first Troll.

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