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What aren’t I getting

God of War 5 - What aren't I getting

So let me be completely transparent here, I loath this game. I hate this game more than I've hated any other game and I honestly cant believe that I could hate something with a such a passion like this. And I love the original game so much. So I want to know, what am I missing? And why do you like this game?

My reasons:

COMBAT- I think the combat is a dumbed down version of the original god of war combat system. Weapon switching does not feel as smooth as it did in god of war 3. There is no aerial combat which makes absolutely no sense to me because that is a cornerstone to any great combat system (the only exception I can really think of is ninja gaiden but even that game has some aerial combat, shallow as it may be). The magic system is…odd. I dont really have any opinion about it, it's alright I guess. Not as good or fun as the old magic system but that's nothing new for this game. I never really used the son button except when I had to so I dont know its combo potential and dont have any opinion on it.

CAMERA- The resident evil camera really holds this game back, especially considering damn near every kill room is filled with some dudes sitting on a ledge chucking shit at you from off screen. Not to mention kratos just attacks where your directing the camera so you cant scan around for enemies while juggling someone or do some cool cinematic shit while fighting (I guess cool stuff is saved only for cutscenes). This strange camera decision lead to the need for big red traffic cones being stapled to kratos whenever an enemy is behind you which I feel is an awful way to circumvent the camera issue because it makes it so you dont learn enemy telegraphs naturally and is way less rewarding to dodge than an actual attack.

RPG- why is it here. I'm serious why is there an rpg system in this game, it's pointless. Having bigger numbers doesn't change my playstyle or make me feel accomplished in anyway. The armor designs are nice I guess but I'd much rather have 5 or 6 well designed costumes with there own special perk than 50 or 60 slightly tweaked variants of the same base with such minor perks I hardly notice (endgame shit not withstanding). While we're on the subject, a small rant, why the fuck does the armor for completing the fog maze give you a perk that negates the fog? Who the hell thought that was a good reward? It's like "thanks this would've been great while I was grinding to get it, time to leave this area and never experience this fog again with my brand new totally useful armor."


ENEMIES AND BOSSES- they're boring. That's really all I need to say on the subject but I'll elaborate anyway. Half of the enemie base in this game is draugur and if you want to say "half the enemies in the originals were undead soldiers" that's fair, but where the original games had minotaurs, gorgons, cyclops, and other variants of the such, god of war 2018 has big dragur, bug guy with like 1 attack, werewolf (which I concede are cool and fun to fight), bug guy that can fight on the ground and the sky, witch, eyeball, and ogre (another actually fun to fight enemy). Most of the enemies in GOW 2018 are just really boring and not fun at all to mow through. Bosses however are even more boring. Now I might just be crazy but around the 7th time I fought a troll I was thinking "maybe there should be another kind of enemy I could fight here" but you know that's just me. Troy Baker and Nolan North were fun, I liked them. Baldur was ok there really wasn't any significant difference between the first fight and the second other than the scenery. The dragon was lame as shit although he does get the "oh yeah I'm playing GOW" award. The valkyries were great but I really wish they put that much effort in to the main story. The rock things are barely worth mentioning. Any one I'm missing was either a normal enemy with a bigger health bar or so worthless completely forgot about it.

STORY- its…fine. it doesn't reach the same emotional level as the last of us and the characters arent as likeable either, except mimir he is the only reason I made it through the whole game. If it was just kratos and mimir the whole time I'd love this game. Now I'm probably gonna get some shit for this one but… I hate artreius. I hate everything about artreius, I think hes the most annoying child companion yet. Never shuts up, constantly doing stupid shit and almost dying, and god damn does he just never shut up. I kid you not when he was sick I was praying that he was dead when I got back, I wish I could get this game on pc and delete all his sound files. I really despise artreius.

IM KINDA ASHAMED OF THIS ONE- I think where a lot of my ultimate frustration with this game comes from is that people fucking love it. I know it sounds bad that I hate this game more because other people like it but because of this game doing so well, the god of war series that I love is never coming back and that really fucking sucks. I hope its understandable why people liking this game makes me hate it more. I hope they can fix all or at least some of my grievances here in the sequel or one of my favorite series is officially dead to me.

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