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What I’ve learned during my second God of War series marathon. (Controversial Opinions Warning ⚠️)

God of War 4 - What I've learned during my second God of War series marathon. (Controversial Opinions Warning ⚠️)

So I'm going to list each game in the series and give my thoughts on them. But first, a little context. Before the release of the PS4 in 2013, I played God of War 1 and God of War 2 for the first time, replayed God of War 3, and did a first run of God of War Ascension. I remember enjoying my time with those games barring the frustrating Path of Hades in GOW1 that had my family concerned for my health during that playthrough lol. I also didn't finish Ascension in time before selling my PS3.

Now here's what I think replaying these games during the last week and a half to celebrate rebuying a PS3 as well as the release of the PS5 patch for God of War (2018). I played in chronological order of the story so my list will be as such.

God of War Ascension: Finally finished this one and grew to really appreciate it. It's God of War 3 but on a smaller scale and with some more annoying elements like being way more excessive in hand holding the player throughout the game and some mediocre powers. Still fun in many areas though.

God of War Chains of Olympus: Played for the first time and it's nothing special. Standard affair but it's short and doesn't outstay it's welcome which I appreciate. Story was intriguing though and adds to Kratos' character a bit more.

God of War: Okay things are going to start getting fucked because I do not like this game anymore. The puzzles bored the shit out of me and certain levels really outstay their welcome such as The Rings of Pandora and the Godforsaken Path of Hades which felt much worse now than it did years ago. The story is great but it doesn't make the game play any better. I will resort to an all cutscenes movie on YouTube next playthrough.


God of War Ghost of Sparta: Another first time run and I really like this one! The story is great and the game plays really well. The pacing and the length was perfect and the gameplay such as the magic powers and secondary weapon were fun to use. Plus for a PSP remaster the environments were awesome!

God of War 2: Get ready for some more fuckery because I don't like this one either after a second go. Again, I found myself bored shitless and for this one I can't understand why. Something didn't feel right for me and once again the puzzles don't add to anything and instead grind the pacing and action to a screeching halt. Another one to watch in the form of an all cutscenes video.

God of War 3: BEST BEST BEST BEST of the classic games! I love GoW3! It is epic beyond belief, the pacing and puzzles work together this time, in my opinion, and the bosses are AWESOME! Taking on the Gods of Olympus feels great. The environments are near perfection and the story and music are fantastic.

God of War (2018): What do I say that hasn't already been said. One of the best games of the last generation. A welcome and refreshing change of pace when it comes to gameplay and story. It brings Kratos as a character to a place that feels natural and evolutionary for his arc. Giving him a son was an amazing idea as it ground Kratos to a more relatable level. The story is the main focus here and it is the best in the series. The bosses are still epic and the graphics with the PS5 update still wow me now. Also, Bear McCreary's music is the best music this series has ever had.

Hopefully you made it to the end of this post as I would like to hear your thoughts. Thanks for reading and I await your downvotes for some of my opinions lol.

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