God of War

What runic setups have you used to defeat Sigrun ?

God of War 7 - What runic setups have you used to defeat Sigrun ?

I've gone through a few different rune setups for her. During my first encounter, I used the following:


-Light: Fury of the Ice Troll

-Heavy: The River of Knives


-Light: Rampage of the Furies

-Heavy: Tartarus Rage

Plus the Infinity Gauntlet

These worked well enough for me to kill her on GMGOW. But during my GMGOW NG+ playthrough I changed things up a bit . I found it difficult to consistently get full value out of Rampage of the Furies, and the cooldown on Tartarus Rage to be prohibitive. I could only get full damage from The River of Knives if Sigrun did not get pushed into a wall, and I realized Fury of the Ice Troll had a more focused, less AOE version. This is what I used for my NG+ kill:


-Light: Strike of the Utgard

-Heavy: Thiazi's Talon


-Light: Nemean Crush

-Heavy: Hyperion Slam

Plus the Infinity Gauntlet

The 2 attacks attacks come out very quickly have a short cooldown, and can be cast before the full charge if you realize you wont have time to finish the cast before getting hit. The 2 blades attacks worked really well together, I would run at sigrun and use Hyperion Slam and follow it up with an immediate Nemean Crush for tons of damage. The Infinity gauntlet providing a few invincibility frames can also be really useful sometimes.

I'm not trying to claim I have found the optimal rune setup – this is just what I have found some success with. I'm curious what runic setups the rest of you fine redditors found success with against Sigrun !

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