God of War

Why did Odin lock up the Valkyrie?

God of War 8 - Why did Odin lock up the Valkyrie?

Thanks to LegionofDoom12's posts and comments, I have come to realize that Odin indeed has been in control of the whole situation the whole time. Everything Kratos and Atreus did was to his benefit and moved his plans forward.

One thing I don't understand however was locking up the Valkyries. The Valkyries task isn't only to segregate the worthy dead but to also pick the who among them becomes part of Einherjar and train them, to prepare them for Ragnarok.

By locking up these Valkyries, Odin stopped the creation and training of Einherjar. That doesn't benefit him in any way specially since if his plan was to speed up Ragnarok, that would mean he has to bump the process of picking the Einherjar.


What could be the reason why Odin locked them all up?

EDIT: After some review, I realized that Odin wasn't the one who locked the Valkyries up and he actually "corrupted" them. As to what the effects of this "corruption" was, I do not know. It might be that the effects of this corruption was to make them do his bidding unconditionally, even things they are not willing to do. It was Sigrun who locked herself and her sisters up.

This kind of changes things up. Whether or not the Valkyries being locked up and being saved by Kratos and Atreus was part of his gameplan, it is without a doubt that the Valkyries are probably going to have a role much bigger than imagined.

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