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Why do game journalists and reviewers insist that Kratos was a one-dimensional character in the previous games?

God of War 2 - Why do game journalists and reviewers insist that Kratos was a one-dimensional character in the previous games?

It's been almost a year since GoW 4's release. I decided to go back and look at several reviews and I noticed that many of them claim Kratos to be a one-dimensional angry character, in his past. Some say that he's really grown up and shows emotion in GoW4 but he's always showed emotion in the previous games (not just anger).

The previous games aren't as detailed and graphically enhanced as GoW4 so they can't capture emotional moments as well as GoW4; however, Kratos had times of sensitivity. Two moments in particular come to mind: his reunion with Calliope in the Elysium Fields and his behavior during the illusion the Furies placed on him.

When Kratos heard he could spend time with his daughter, he took no time to rid himself of power. He didn't care about power, weapons, magic or anything. All he wanted was to feel his daughter's embrace. This was the first time we see Kratos smile in the series. Despite all he has been through, the one thing that could make him smile was being with his daughter. This was short-lived. To save his daughter from Atlas and Persephone's plan, he had to leave her forever.

We see this again in God of War: Ascension. While under the Furies illusion, he smiles and kisses Calliope goodnight. Here, we see not an angry god, but a man being reunited with the joy of his life. In GoW3, we once again, see how caring Kratos can be when he's with Pandora.


Pursuing this further, some reviewers said that Kratos was always angry and blamed the gods for his troubles. If anyone was in Kratos' position, they would be angry too. He had his brother kidnapped and imprisoned for years, his mother was cursed which led to her death, he was tricked into killing his wife and daughter, and he served the gods for 10 years only for them not to take away his nightmares. Sure, if Kratos listened to the Oracle and was not blinded by rage when he killed the people in the temple, his family could have lived. But Kratos doesn't just blame the gods but also himself. He knows he's an awful person and even questions himself with, "By the gods…what have I become". He knows that he is a monster and hates himself for it.

Sometimes it just feels these reviewers give out false details and lead new players to the series in the wrong direction.

Please let me know what you think in the comments and feel free to disagree with any points I made. I'm open to hearing any of your thoughts. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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