God of War

Why I think that GoW won GOTY over RDR2

God of War 1 - Why I think that GoW won GOTY over RDR2

Alright so hear me out cause there is definitely contention about this. I’ve played both RDR2 and GoW and I believe there is a strong enough case for why GoW deserved to win GOTY this year over RDR2.

When you look at it, GoW was a complete revitalization of the series. Everything about it combat, narrative, mechanics, score, setting, just everything about it was different and fresh and fit in with what we as a community expect from games in 2018. It also didn’t skimp on the content which is definitely appreciated and when you compare this GoW with the old games, you see they were products of their time and wouldn’t necessarily have been received as well if it had been more true to the old style top down hack and slash since that style was starting to show fatigue with God of War Ascension as the prime example. Essentially my argument is GoW was truly a game of this year because it hit every note we expect and demand from a game made in 2018.


Now when it comes to Red Dead, I believe they outdid themselves and have created a new yardstick for what we expect from open world games. Much like GoW, nearly every aspect of this game was top notch maybe save for the combat and controls being a bit clunky but I don’t think anybody can say as a whole it’s not a fantastic game. With the inclusion of Red Dead Online, which though a bit starved for content now will be supported and fleshed out over the next few years. And that’s why I don’t believe it should be GOTY since it doesn’t feel complete yet since Online completes the package as a whole. However, once Red Dead Online hits it’s stride I’d have no doubt that RDR2 would be a strong contender for Game Of The Decade for when those discussions eventually come up in 2020.

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Thank you for listening to my opinion, have a great day!

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