God of War

Will Atreus ever stop being super snarky?

God of War 8 - Will Atreus ever stop being super snarky?

Hey guys, first time on the subreddit so apologies if this has been talked about before.

I just finished restoring the light of Alfheim, and while I have been 100% loving the game so far, there is something that has been bothering me quite a bit: Atreus.

He is constantly whining, snipping, and being a general annoyance throughout my gameplay so far. He says crap like, "if you used your eyes, you'd see the door is back there" when I'm purposefully trying to loot a location. He responds really sarcastically, etc. Today, I decided to stop playing a bit earlier because he was just pissing me off.

I'm wondering, is there a point in the game where he stops being such a whiner? It has degraded my enjoyment by a bit (not much because I was having a great time smashing the dark elves) and honestly sort of tilts me. I've been carrying this mofo on my back (literally, at times) throughout the world so far, and would love to know if he ever becomes even fraction of a badass, like his dad. If it plays into the story, like how we're supposed to feel how being a father isn't always easy/fun, then that would make me feel a lot better about it. Thanks for the help, I'm sure I'll be hanging out here more often!

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