Grand Theft Auto V

A glitch stole my car and Rockstar are saying I never owned it. Please help!

GrandTheftAutoV4 - A glitch stole my car and Rockstar are saying I never owned it. Please help!

Support Ticket:evildude42's request:

My fully upgraded Entity XF has disapeared that I have had for over 2 years.

February 12, 2019

Mark T.'s reply:

Hi evildude42, My name is Mark, supervisor here at Rockstar Support and I am reaching out regarding your missing Overflod Entity XF. Our team is unable to confirm that the vehicle is missing here unfortunately, due to being unable to verify the initial purchase or any previous ownership of the vehicle.
Best regards, Mark T. Supervisor Rockstar Support

So I replied with a video of me driving the customized car over 2 years ago:

They then closed my ticket as solved.
Um. Wtf?

/edit; Second support ticket submitted with video." Rockstar Support's reply:Hello evildude42, We have reviewed your claim and were unable to verify the reported loss. If you have any additional information that may help verify your claim, please reply to this email.
Best Regards, Rockstar SupportFebruary 13, 2019

evildude42's reply:I was driving it yesterday! I have been grinding to save up for a deluxo and now I find out a common glitch can just delete my vehicles and you just shrug it off?! I lost the vehicle yesterday, 12/02/2019. I was in a heist. We failed and did a quick restart and my car didn't appear. We gave up on the heist and when I came back into freemode my car wasn't in the list for the mechanic. Mors mutual doesn't have it and none of my garages are displaying it. Further more, when I look at my PS4 Characters profile on rockstar social club, I look through the garage and it is all wrong, it says I have 2 exemplars and 3 bati 806's which I do not. It doesn't list my Mesa, Surfer, Thrust or JB700 which are all in my garage right now.


I just sold the game to my mates kid for £20.
Fuck you Rockstar. I waited in line for 2 hours for this game back in the day.What a fucking joke.

Edit 2.
They re-opened the first ticket and sent this;
" Thank you for your patience with this issue. I do understand your frustrations and I did review the video you provided. With this, we would need to see the purchase of the Vehicle to verify the claim and without that we would need to go by the information we see on our side. However, as a special one-time accommodation for your continued dedication to GTA Online I have provided your account 1,200,000 GTA$ which I hope can help you get this Vehicle replaced. Please note though, we will not be able to provide this accommodation in the future. If you have any further questions or concerns, please let me know. Best regards, Devin T. Supervisor Rockstar Support "

To which I responded:
" Well Devin that's very kind of you however what would be the point in me continuing the game?
I've spent a week grinding for the Deluxo. What if I buy that and it goes poof… Unless I have insurrance level records you will aparently shrug it off.
I quit Fallout for less. I sold my copy of your disc, why waste my time.

Good luck mate, sleep well. atleast you tried eventually. "

Le finn.

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