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So, I recently came up with an idea for an alternate take on The Doomsday Heist. I figured I might get something stupid if I just blindly went in, so I'm turning here for a few questions to make sure the story makes sense. The idea is that in this universe, while Lester turns to the GTAO Character for the job, he figures a whole crew of them is a little too unreliable, so he turns to Franklin, Micheal, and Trevor to fill the other gaps. Here's a few points I want to be sure of so this story doesn't screw up single player's story.

  • I recognize that The Big Score was supposed to mean that the guys could retire from crime. In this story, I figure the world being destroyed is big enough of a deal that Lester has to get people he knows can handle this. Stupid or Logical? (Also o figured Trevor never stops committing crimes or working with Trevor Philips Industries", sorry if that's what I implied)

  • The Bureau Raid was to delete the guy's record, so how does the crew wind up Scot free with the IAA and such?

  • Part of me wants to include the hireable crew in here (due in part because Taliana Martinez is the queen of them and I will die on that hill), but I can't think of a way to include them without it seeming like they're third wheels.

  • I want Franklin to cut Lamar in on this job somehow, but A) Lester doesn't work with amateurs, and B) the same problem as my last point arises.

  • How well would Agent 14 and Phoneicia Rackman know of the trio?

  • Is there a good way to incorporate the GTAO Character into this kind of story without them talking? Still keeping with the creepy quiet weirdo thing.

That's all I can see as problems for now. I may pop back on here if any more problems arise, bit for now, thank you for any constructive criticism you may provide.

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