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After hours pt 2

GrandTheftAutoV9 - After hours pt 2

Now the after hours update isn't quite what everyone wanted weather it was the type of music or stuff that came out with it or location so what I was thinking is make a after hours part 2 and have it based out of actual warehouses up in Blaine country and Pluto bay but instead of the dj techno music have it be rock music the band's I had thought up for those were


Of course there would be more but those are ones that I thought eh why not


So set up missions would be pretty easy for it I was thinking 3 of them just like the night club

The first one would be equipment which I was thinking you would have a choice you could order in equipment for a extra 100 grand fee then half to go pick it up for you could go rob another band for there equipment but you have to be careful not to destroy and equipment

The second set up would be the concert are which in this case is your warehouse you would have to go out and get a trailer for the crowd for example could be chair or you could have people stand your choice in the upgrades but you'll also be getting the monitor and anything the band would need for special effects

The third mission would be getting the starting band which I was thinking would be metallica so for this mission you would have to pick up there tour bus which would have there latest album on the side and pick them up from LSIA you would then have to drive through the city to promote them being in town but also show them the sights then you'll drive them to the warehouse


Now I haven't quite figured out locations of the warehouse besides for places in Blaine country and Pluto bay but not in the city we already have the nightclubs there so it's good to expand out to Blaine and Pulito

But you'll could get diffrent upgrades and looks for your warehouse

The first upgrade would be to choose how your audience would be are they sitting in chairs or are they standing if there stand they'll be rocking out to the music sitting is the stock option and your warehouse will be more calm and boring

The second option is special effects The upgrade wouldn't cost tons but will still cost you around 300 grand if you purchase this upgrade special effect like smoke or flames or stuff coming from the ceiling or diffrent lighting will trigger depending on the band and the song they are currently playing

The third option is the monitor you can choose to have the stock monitor which is a boring small monitor that just says the band name or you can get a big monitor that covers the whole back wall or or you can a big monitor in section along the back wall and the sides

The fourth is your office space you have a few options here the first is plan colors of your choosing with a few desk option along with a safe and maybe a hidden gun locker

The second option for the office would be a office livery you could get a custom livery of your favorite band from the update and get one of there albums on your office walls with maybe a couple of there gutairs and drum equipment


Now to aquire the band's you would have to do a mission sort of like how you would in the nightclub for example I was thinking one you would pick them up at LSIA in a tour bus would have the band's name and probably there latest album then you would have to drive them from the airport to the warehouse

The second one would be having some problem with there bus so you now have to go to a location pick up ethier another bus or a limo and go pick them up from where they have broken down and drive them up to the location

The third one would be less likely but you are hired as security for one of there concerts somewhere else you have to protect the band from a shooter after that the person you bought the warehouse from gives them a deal to play at your warehouse


So how i was thinking this could earn you money is a combination of biker missions the terrorbyte and promotions

You would use a computer at your warehouse desk like at the night club where there would be diffrent tabs the first one would be warehouse stats where it would tell you how much you've earned how many people have visted etc the second tab would be the promotion tab which will show how popular your band is but will also give u the option between two random promotion missions

The jobs I was thinking were

  1. Hanging up posters
  2. Protection job during a concert
  3. Autograph signings where you take the members of the bands to different locations
  4. Getting new equipment and special effect supplies
  5. Set up concert stages
  6. Help play at concerts

All of those will help keep legal money going Now I know some people are more into the illegal aspect I have a idea for that too which I was thinking of separate small heists

I was thinking of the metallica heist would be a convoy heist you would have to do a couple set ups getting supplies like Exsplosives and some special vehicles that will be designed to flip the convoy in the trailer will be gold bars you have to steal the total payout would be around 600 grand in total spilt is your choice like normal heists

The megadeth mission will be much different of heist but still a heist it will have lower pay out in this heist you will have to do a couple set ups first one will be getting equipment which will consist of hacking device and some weapons and glass cutters

The second set up will be a hacking mission where u have to sneak into the museum security to disable the laser system around the artifact you will be stealing

The third setup will be a get away vehicle which will be a custom semi you'll be stealing from merry weather the semi will have some custom feature you can play with the first are belt fed machine guns in the side of the trailer that two players can use inside the trailer the next is a defense mechanism the driver can use like the proximity mines but instead it will release a spike strip ( vehicle would be available for purchase on war stock after you do the heist setup)

The finale would be you a team of four breaking into the museum where you will sneakly take out guard on your way to a mummy casket which is surrounded by glass where one of your teammates will use the glass cutters after that there will be two waves of guards you have to take out while wheeling the casket to the semi where you will then take it to sandy shore where you will lose the cops in that final cutsense there will be a easter egg the band will open up the casket to reveal the megadeth mascot

The pay out would be 500 grand on hard due to not having alot of set ups

The final heist would be the five finger death punch which I've had trouble deciding took some time but I figured it would be steal a old Lancaster bomber

The first set up is stealing flight plans from a airplane museum

Will require a pre set up getting clothes for the heist

The second set up would be a small pre set up which would be scouting out the base for where the plane is being kept

The third one would be a stealth set up where you have to steal the keys and leave some of the supplies in the hanger

The fourth set up your stealing a GL-06 Grenade Launcher from the merry weather base

The finale you use a grenade launcher you stole from merry weather to blow open the front doors of the hanger


So I don't have much planned out for the vehicles I plan on editing this later as time goes on if people want to see them but I would want to add war stock vehicles Bennys, bikes and some more muscle cars


First warstock vehicle would be the upgraded semi truck stock it would come with a normal Phantom truck and a black trailer you can then get upgrades for it the first update is a variety of rams on the front ranging from the pounder ram to a combination of the speedo and phantom wedge ram the second upgrade is for the trailer you can get the two belt feed machine guns and keep it harder to hit the people from the outside or you can cut open the sides a bit and install two old MG – 74 which will have more damage then the original guns but will exposes you a bit more it will be on both sides the next upgrade would be the spike strip the driver can deploy the stock version only pops tires if not bullet⅘ proof but after doing a special mission you can upgrade them to stick into the tires with remote Exsplosives u detonate by right on the D pad you can also get a livery for the trailer of one of the band's albums

Second vehicle would be the tourist buses like the festival bus you can choose which variety you want ranging from a blank one to one of the albums

The third vehicle is the Lancaster bomber which won't have very much customization you can upgrade the bombs and upgraded it to become faster That's all I have for vehicles at the moment

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