Grand Theft Auto V

Are the Characters or Story Actually Any Good?

GrandTheftAutoV4 - Are the Characters or Story Actually Any Good?

The story, to me at least, felt pretty rushed. Almost the whole game is pretty much just the characters doing other people's dirty work for the sake of money, like Devin, or not getting a few bullets planted in their skulls, like Steve. Trevor's quest to become the ultimate drug dealer and weapons trader just devolves into getting as much money as he wants throughout the story, and his relationship with Michael felt a little messy, with me feeling conflicted and pretty confused half the time, and Franklin's development didn't really go anywhere either and ends up being a little flat of a character; however, he is the least awful of the three, and I can't really say I hate him to any degree, but Michael, oooooh, Michael. Michael is the worst of these three guys. No competition, hardly any redeemable qualities and someone I still kinda hate by the end of the story. Michael is a backstabbing son of a bitch who didn't even really feel that much remorse, if any, for selling out his supposed best friends to the FIB, presuming them both to have been killed and putting one of them in his own fake grave. Too bad for him that the other one comes knocking at his door a decade later. He was a terrible husband and father without a doubt, and his reunion with his family toward the end felt like too little, too late. His relationship with Trevor was by far the most interesting part of the trio, but it felt dragged out and really repetitive, with the two CONSTANTLY switching between being best friends and wanting to kill each other. And it's clear that even at the end, Michael doesn't learn a damn thing, and Trevor is still pretty inconsistent with his relationship. Michael agrees to help you kill Trevor if you pick Ending A and is even happy about it afterward, whereas Trevor as we saw didn't wanna kill Michael in Endings A or B and hates Franklin for it after Ending B, yet Michael and Trevor make it clear in Ending C that they still hate each other from beginning to end, just to some lesser degree at the very end, and it just feels like a really clunky transition from their previous situation. So much for the theme of loyalty. The side characters are either cardboard cutouts or people you wanna give the same treatment Trevor gave to ol' Johnny K. Franklin's people, Lamar included, just guilt-trip Franklin into helping or staying with them, usually at his expense, and Lamar is just a hot-headed dumbass. Trevor's associates are nonsensically weird or have nothing to them in the slightest. Dave has little to no personality, and neither does Lester, and everyone else in Michael's family is an awful person too, Amanda is a cheater that wants to do yoga and tennis rather than actually talk about her problems; Tracey is a self-absorbed, fame-driven whore; and Jimmy is a disrespectful, money-and-job-obsessed brat who would much rather blame others for his financial problems. And again, the family reunion is too little, too late for me to feel like it's THAT meaningful. That's how I feel anyway. What about you?


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