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Attention anti-tryhards

GrandTheftAutoV10 - Attention anti-tryhards

This will just teach you how to never die to a tryhard again. I’ve spent countless hours finding counters to every thing a tryhard uses. I’m hoping by spreading awareness on how to beat tryhards, more people can enjoy the game and also keep their cargo safe. If you read everything I have to say I promise you will always be able to beat every tryhard. I’ve taken on 4 tryhards at once and beat them single handedly with the tactics I’m sharing today.

  1. If the basic tryhard decides to grab a mk2, grab a stromberg. It has armor and the most agile rockets in the game. Make sure you are always driving towards them and make sure you fire two rockets. This way if they use flares it will only block one rocket and not the second.

  2. If the tryhard has bullet proof equipment use FMJ rounds. It will not only deal more damage than normal rounds but also eat through their armor like butter.

  3. Make sure your using incin rounds on your sniper, most likely the tryhard has explosive rounds or auto sniper which is a mistake, incin rounds will 1 shot kill in the chest. Make sure you do this to them at respawn so they don’t have time to equip armor or BST, if you suck at sniping keep in mind the game has a lot of lag, shoot about a half second before you think you should shoot, and you will hit them.

  4. If the tryhard kills themself a lot because they’re bad your in for a treat. Just get your rc car and drive next to them fast and jump too, this will spook them and force them to kill themselves. You essentially can waste their time and make them look stupid by driving an rc car.

  5. This fits with 1 but make sure to repair your stromberg in a moc, the average tryhard will mk2 spam so to even the playing field repair your car every 2-4 kills.

  6. To avoid bad sport or paying insurance for destroying their mk2, make sure you start a headhunter or an airfreight. They both last 15-20min so you have plenty of time for insurance free killing, keep in mind you can’t enter los santos customs or your moc to repair it. So when it’s near exploding jump out and blow it up, then call more mutual and have it delivered again. Make sure you use your interaction menu to spawn your car, otherwise it will take too long and the mk2 will kill you.

  7. Weapons you want to use against tryhards. •Explosive slug shotgun •Incin heavy sniper mk2 with thermal scope and silencer •Combat MG MK2 with FMJ rounds •Carbine rifle MK2 with FMJ rounds •Stromberg •RC Bandito •Scramjet (If your talented)

Estimated cost: $17Million for all anti tryhard equipment.

If money is an issue search up Bogdan Heist Glitch on YouTube.

I will repost this once every few days.

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