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Blood money DLC concept

GrandTheftAutoV8 - Blood money DLC concept

The Blood Money Dlc concept is a concept based upon our character being recruited into a small mercenary organization and eventually being able to create our own, this concept will include multiple new features listed below.

  • new story
  • new weapons/attachments
  • new vehicles
  • new emotes
  • new clothing
  • new buyable properties
  • new inventory item
  • new style


As los Santos slowly becomes more dangerous with highly organized criminal efforts ranging from drug rings to mass heisters the government of los santos has decided to use a new method to try and control the rising issue, to combat the issue they decided to hire a independent mercenary group to hunt down and kill multiple criminal rings to help stabilize thier city

Characters intro

For our characters this new motion wasn't brought to our attention untill after we started reading about deaths of criminals on the newspaper, it then became a suddenly real reality when we got a phone call from a unknown number the call was short but got the point across " we know what you've done but we're willing to swipe the slate clean if interested go to foreclosure" we find out more about the story after we get to a new mercenary HQ


There are multiple mercenary HQs listed on foreclosure to choose from each have there own advantages and disadvantages such as location and surroundings

1) Sandy recycling center- located near the back of the scrap yard among all the debris and wreaks a small shack garage was made to cover a new merc base ( map change shack made into garage )

2) grapeseed abandoned house- located across from the grapeseed 24/7 store ( map change needs garage door already has main door)

3) paleto bay construction house- located on the beach front road there is a house and garage under construction ( map change remove construction)

4) la Mesa warehouse- located near the fridgit cold storage on the north side there is a small warehouse with double doors ( map change need boxes removed )

5) cypress flats- located on chum st a old semi warehouse ( map changes none )

6) LSIA – located behind big house storage road follows behind ( map change need garage door and door )

7) la puerta- located at helicopter landing off shank st at Higgins helitour ( map change none)

8) Pacific bluffs- located inside crastenburg parking garage ( map change needs door)

Mercenary HQ tour

The Mercenary HQ comes with multiple upgrades to choose from as well as some new rooms that come upon purchase

Command center – the main center of life within your HQ where you will be able to access the databases on different crime rings as well as organize and launch raids ( more in story) the command center will have a few different color options to change it to your liking

Living quarters- the living quarters are a purchasable upgrade allowing you to choose the mercenary HQ as a spawn point, the living quarters will have a few decorations you can buy such as weapons, tools paintings you can have along with a color scheme

Garages – The mercenary comes with two garages automatically the first being a small six car garage on the main level, the second is a arsenal garage that can store the new drone ( more later) along with a few smaller and one large weaponized vehicle in addition you can purchase two extra 12 car garages on lower levels of the HQ

Armory – The armory is a purchasable upgrade that adds a new room to your HQ bringing multiple features, within the room itself will be a Mk2 upgrade table as well as a gun locker also included in the room is a new weapon expert who has started up shop within the armory selling new weapons and attachments ( more later)

Shooting range – The shooting range is a small upgrade located in the back of the HQ that adds a small shooting range to practice shooting and to help upgrade your stats

Gym- upon purchase of the gym you will receive a treadmill, and other gym equipment unlocking small mini games within the gym, the gym also bring a new feature making your character muscular the more minigames you play the more muscle you get over time but if you end up getting too jacked there is a hot tub you can rest in to help decrease your muscle mass

Story Introduction

The story begins when we first arrive at our new HQ we are greeted at the front door by a slightly muscular man he reaches out and shakes your hand Introducing himself as Jax before opening the door and leading us down a flight of stairs, once at the bottom he gives us a tour of a in construction HQ as he walks through he explains which room would be constructed into what as long as we have the cash to fund it, he then turns and swings open a pair of double doors revealing a team of people setting up monitors and and computers, jax then turns around saying welcome to the command center but before we start were gonna need you to go collect our files from the old base this then triggered a set up mission to retrieve mule outside different buildings depending which base you choose.

Post set up intro

Upon delivering the documents back to the HQ jax will be waiting for you in the garage with a small team of unloaders, once you exit he puts his hand on your shoulder and lead you down a corridor on the way jax is explaining the first operation while leading you towards the command center along the way your character gets distracted by a muffled scream coming from a slightly ajared door when your character peeks in there is a vagos member strapped to the chair immediately after jax closes the door and finishes leading us to the command center, once there we see that the center board is fully sorted out displaying the vago crime family, once seated jax starts breaking down all the information they currently have about the vagos cocaine distribution ring and how they have been tasked with bringing down multiple crime rings and they were to start with the vagos.

Crime ring info

There are multiple crime rings that you can choose ranging from small rings to large the larger rings have a larger payout but have a longer cool down once they are completed to prevent from only spamming one ring

The rings are as stated

The vagos crime family ( cocaine distribution) The ballas ( lsd distribution) The families/ grove street ( weed distribution) The Chinese ( counterfeit ring ) The Texans ( illegal arms ring ) The O'Neil brothers ( meth distribution) Russian crime family ( prostitution ring) The lost MC ( export ring )

Each crime ring will have it's only process for taking them down from raids to set ups and each and every one will give you some small choices to make as to how you would like to go after them similar to the casino heist for example say you are raiding the the vagos to seize informants you could have three different options you could go loud which is a swat like entry through the front door, or you could break in silently in the dead of night where a slip up could cause it to go loud or you could set them up which lures them away from thier territory causing them to be more exposed but causes there to be more enemies to fight

Operation process

Each operation will have it's own process for taking down the criminal rings but they all are based on the same principle, destabilizing thier hierarchy to prevent reconstruction of the rings this can be achieved by doing set ups, the set ups differ upon the crime rings ranging from interrogating low level members, investigating crime scenes, infiltrating deals, and stealing rival information, as you proceed to gather information you start to unlock the next tier in the hierarchy once you unlock the next tier you will unlock a mission at the command center, the missions will differ on the level of hierarchy as well as the ring some will be destruction of distribution, sabotaging shipments, leaking information, assassinations of hierarchy among many others

Top dog hit

After dismantling the hierarchy you will eventually be able to take out the kingpin of the operation, each kingpin will have thier own unique final mission based upon the ring they are managing some will require you to kill them straight out while others may require to set up the king pin to post the blame on another ring to avoid alarming the other rings.

Completion of rings


Upon completion of different crime rings you will receive different rewards along with rewards for first time completion like extra money, each crime ring has a unique first time completion regarding the type of ring it is for example upon completion of the vagos ring you will receive a cash reward a first time cash reward along with a free resupply for the according ring expect for the export ring it will reward you with a collection for import/export, the first time bonuses other then money are rewarded for hosting the end job but if you are a tag along you will still get the first time money reward. After the completion of the ring you will be able to restart it again to get more cash however each ring will have a cool down period between being able to start it again depending on the payout price for taking down the ring to promote doing other rings.


The armory in the HQ is special with its purchase you unlock a new weapon expert named maverick he will be the main seller of all new weapon attachments and weapon based accessories for your character

New weapons

Taser – the long await taser comes as a new weapon available to buy in both ammunition and the armory used to subdue both targets for interrogation as well as players

M16- a newly imported weapon featured within the army by maverick the M16 is a three bullet burst assault rifle compatible with most attachments

M1 grand- shortly after your first frontation with maverick you will receive a email discussing about a old rifle that he would be able to put together if we find all the pieces within this message it reveal our first location upon collecting the first peice we will get clues for the others

Zipties- a new "weapon" that will allow you to restrain a npc to help for transport within mission but if you can combine both the taser and zipties together you can restrain a players hands behind their back denying them access to their weapon wheel however they can still run and jump and enter vehicles however they cant steer, the restrained player can escape by button mashing.

Grapple – the grapple is a new specialty weapon designed to help sniper reach higher ground, the grapple will be store in the heavy weapon category, while aiming the weapon the scope will have ethier a X or a O the X means that the grapple is unable to make a rapple point if it is a O it will create the rapple point however once you reach the top or you die the rapple disappears

Weapon attachments

When the mercenaries arrived in los Santos so did their contacts bringing in new attachments and features for a variety of weapons

Fast mags- a new purchasable upgrade that increases your reload time as well as changes the style of your magazine ( available for purchase on assault rifles)

Bipod – a new upgrade that helps with stability and movement speed while using your sniper ( available for all sniper rifles * marksmen not included*

Underbarrel gernande launcher – the mercenary special the underbarrel gernande launcher is available for purchase on your ar making it into a effective weapon against both ground and vehicle targets ( available on all assault rifles * will replace the throw option while aiming as well as have to purchase ammo* as well as replaced grips )

Laser – a cosmetic upgrade that allows you to attachment a laser onto your side rail in replacement of your flashlight * activates by flashlight button*

Foregrip – a improved straight underbarrel grip that slightly improved weapon accuracy and handling

Shotgun chokes – a shotgun modifications that tightens the spread radius of the shell ( may be restricted depending on selected shell)

Inventory item/drone

When the mercenaries came to los santos from wherever they came from they brought a new scouting toy with then the suav

After launch the suav will have a ability that can be used while flying

Stock- while the drone is stock you can use it to fly around to provide information to your teammate but it will not have any special effects

Support- after marking targets they will proceed to be marked by a red outline 20 seconds after marker has left drone ( only visable to marker)

Radar- after use enemies that have been marked will show up on radar for 20 seconds or up to a minute depending if opponent is ghost or off radar

When the suav is crashed it will have a effect on the target it crashes into depending on the different tips it has been equipped with

Crash upgrades

Kinetic – causes shock wave upon impact

Emp- disabled vehicle upon impact

Gas – release a cloud of toxic gas upon impact

Range upgrade

One of the upgrades for the drone is a range extender to help provide for those longer scouting missions

The drone is purchasable for warstock and is automatically stored in the mercenary HQ




AC-130 – Gunship F-117A Nighthawk Su-47 Berkut Embraer KC-390 HH-60G Pave Hawk YF-23 Black widow II


4 door HVY barracks/ civ variant Military Humvee ( can be upgraded to weaponized Gaz Tigr Ural 63095 Typhoon MRAP Cougar 4×4

Heavy artillery

M1A2C Abrams GTK Boxer Bundeswehr M1 AGDS Anti-Air

Everyday vehicles 1965 jeep gladiator j200 2019 Dodge Ram 3500 1980 Ford F-350 Dually ( comes with both bed and flatbed options) 1990 Jeep Wrangler 1990 Land Rover Range Rover 2020 Chevy Silverado Dually 1995 Toyota Mega Cruiser 2020 Dodge Durango Ice Ram Honda S2000 Heist buffalo – a four door buffalo with a reinforced fromr ram bar and a winch on the rear


A new shipment of clothes have arrived in the clothing stores scattered across san Andreas these new clothes will help you look the part of a mercenary along with help you during those tight infiltrations


Ripped shirts- a new category of shirts ranging from long sleeved shirts that all have something in common they are all worn and have tears in them showing that they have been used and are aging

Muscle shirts- different color muscles shirts that come with different designs to help show off the gains you have gotten from your time at the gym

Gang shirts – a new category with all crime ring attire available for purchase


Ammo vest- a utility vest focused on carrying more ammo with multiple large pouches on the bottom

Demolition vest- a vest decorated with multiple grenades as well as a brick of c4 and detonating cord hanging off the side

Sniper vest- a vest consisting of a large magazine pouch and 3 smaller pistol size magazine pouches , as well as grappling rope to help with those adventures sniping trips the vest will also have a flare attached to it

Shotgunner vest – a vest spewed with multiple shotgun slugs across it


Plated jeans- invented originally by a mercenary caught in the field without armor these Jean's have metal tied around them to help create a protective layer

Ripped jeans- sadly our pants can only last so long and these have already reached their time to be replaced these Jean's have tears among them and are worn on the bottom


Combat boots- a new string of boots coming in multiple different colors mostly consisting of standard issue military boots


Gun slings – a new category within the accessories category called the gun sling the gun sling will have every default gun as a option to buy slung across your back

Police belt- a small gun belt that consists of a holstered glock and a few pouches

Mercenary belt – a dual pistol holster belt with pouches along the back

Biker belt – a belt that consists of a knife holster and a holstered pistol on the back


When the mercenaries arrived in Los santos so did their styles

Tattoos- the tattoo stores started offering new patriotic tattoos featuring flag tattoos as well as this consisting on eagles guns and bullets

Scars – the ability to get scars for your character will available in a new section of the hairdresser's, you will be able to get scars for face, chest, legs, back and arms these will only be for cosmetics

Hairstyle and beards – the hairstylers are now offering new form of hairstyles ranging from wastelander( over grown/ unkept), pony tails, shaved, and a buzz cut you will also be able to get different beards ranging from a trimmed beard to have a large homeless beard for those long unkept missions


Gernade toss – pulls out grenade and tosses it between hands

Gun twirl – pulls out handgun and twirl it in hand

Surrender – pull out small white flag and waves it

Arrest me – holds out hands together to be cuffed

Lean – available when near a car allowing you to lean against it

This concludes the Blood money Dlc concept any suggestions for the next concept is greatly appreciated.

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