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Casino Update idea

GrandTheftAutoV2 - Casino Update idea

Gta 5s life is slowly becoming closer and closer to the end, but Rockstar are still not ready to let their 5 year old, almost 6, crime loving, child die. They’ve introduced many updates this years, each adding in things a lot of players have been asking from nightclubs to the Jetpack, but still one request has been left untouched, casinos!

I believe the reason Rockstar haven’t given us something requested more than heists isn’t because they aren’t listening, but because a system like casinos can be hard to balance in our free roam world, they don’t want us to make millions so fast, but also want them to be rewarding, so I have come up with an idea of casinos that might be beneficial to Rockstar and the players.

Casinos should be a buyable property, ranging from 2 – 3.5 mil without upgrades. Upgrades to the business should be another 1-1.5 mil. (I know 5 mil doesn’t sound very fun, but the payout is worth it) Owning a casino will be the safest way to make money, but you can get rich quick by taking chances in other players’ casinos.

The first way to gain money as an owner, will be bidding owned cars. You can have other players come and bid on cars you no longer want, you have the chance to sell it for less or more than if you’d sell it to a Los Santos Custom. However, once it’s one the market, you can’t take it back. A sell can be complete by the seller personally accepting an offer or by time running out on the sale. This can allow players to also buy cars cheaper and compete against each other for big rewards!


The second way to make money is similar to the nightclub. As an owner, you need to maintain a high popularity level in your casino. Casinos can hold up to 1-2 million, but increases at an unsteady rate due to people getting lucky or not, but is always slowly increasing. Other players are also allowed to gamble in your casino in another one of two ways, by playing either against each other in games like Poker or against your Casino in games like blackjack and slots. Players have to bet their own money and if they lose it goes to the Casino. If a player wins in BlackJack or slots, the casino gives them a reward from the vault storing the money.

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If a casino doesn’t have enough money to pay the winners, either the owner has to put personal money in the vault or the casino closes until the owner can put money in the vault. This allows money to be recycled in game and wouldn’t even require a pay from Rockstar besides the vault earnings. They could even put a limit on gambling to something like 50-100 thousand.

Players could give away cars for very cheap or get money relatively quick, but there ways around it if Rockstar chooses to. Personally, I believe that we deserve an easy way to earn money with all of the expensive updates that don’t pay well, but if Rockstar wanted to be greedy (which they usually are) they could even put time limits on car bids and gambling in a certain game.

With my update idea coming to an end, I believe Rockstar hasn’t added this into the game yet, not because it’ll make players a lot of money, but because it’ll be a last ditch effort to revive the game. Casinos are in high demand, this could add a level of criminal work by illegal gambling and a really fun business that would attract a lot of people back to their game. I think that if they do add this, it’ll be once the game is on its last leg. I hope you enjoy my idea as much as I had creating it! Like and share and on the slight chance Rockstar sees this, maybe we can gamble soon!

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