Grand Theft Auto V

Cayo Perico heist and my Evaluation and problems.

GrandTheftAutoV6 - Cayo Perico heist and my Evaluation and problems.

Just got done with the Cayo heist. It took me a good 30 minutes. I won't say it's easy but it's simple if you learn from your mistakes and take your time. I had to restart a couple of times just because I was rushing and not learning. But once I learned the guards patterns and the helicopter pattern I was set. I got something like 2,100,000$. 1 more heist like that I can get my first car. Of course it'll be the scram jet lolol I love that thing.

So about the Cayo heist, Very rewarding, and I would say it's worth it. The preps are annoying though. More annoying than the heist. You just go back and forth from the sub to the city. It takes time. Just don't get frustrated like how I did. You'll do great. I also ran into a few problems that I wasn't aware of. Firstly the finger print scanner. Maybe it was because I was panicking and nervous but it's kinda difficult. The finger prints don't really link up like a puzzle would. It's more guessing what what goes and what doesn't. If there's any tips on that hack I would appreciate that. Also there's bolt cutters around the map, I haven't discovered them all but I promise I will. But also in the prep menu you can get this tool that burns locks. At first I thought you needed the bolt cutters to get into the lockers full of weeds and such. But it turns out you could just burn the locks?!?! I was so shocked. I died 4 times for bolt cutters that I didn't even need. But for sure there has to be a use for bolt cutters, right? They wouldn't be an Intel for no reason. And in the prep menu there's an entry vehicle that is the kotiski submarine (butchered the name). Which is confusing considering I've spent 2 million on the same submarine so why would I need to do a prep mission to unlock the submarine as my entry vehicle? Not only that but the mission is imossible unless you have scuba gear. And lastly, the keycards. Maybe I'm dumb and don't listen to instructions but in the compound there's gold and paintings you can get. Yet when I got to the door that has the profitable items it says I need another player. What type of solo heist requires 2 people to access gold and paintings? That makes no sense? I mean it doesn't matter because there's money scattered all over the island anyway.


Well, that's my Evaluation/explanation and problems of the heist. It's annoying at first but in the end it's worth it. If you're new and wondering about the Cayo Perico heist here's advice, when's there's 2 guards facing the same way talking to each other aim for ones head and fire. Then as your firing quickly sway over to the other guards head or body. BE FAST. Kill them a fast as possible. I've blown my stealth cover so many times over these guards.

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